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Are You Sharing Too Much On Facebook?

To be clear: there is no limit. As demonstrated by automated profiles and web pages, there is no limit to how much you can post on social media. There are, however, policies and regulations as to what kind of material you can post. If scandals of social media profile discoveries prove anything, what you postRead More

Preparing For Thanksgiving: What Really Happens When You Overeat?

Thanksgiving and other popular holidays are often accompanied by overeating. The idea of a celebratory ‘holiday’ and festivity creates an unspoken encouragement to fully indulge. It is just one day, or one short series of days, throughout the year, so fully indulging is fully acceptable. Media marketers take this idea and run with it. ConflictingRead More

The “cure” For Mental Illness

There is an undeniable fact about all mental health disorders alike: there is no cure. Instantaneously, such a statement causes a spike of anxiety, a churn of the stomach, and a flurry of negative, fear driven thinking. Why should we go to treatment, spend our time, money, energy into healing, if there is no cure?Read More

5 Ways To Get Through a Mental Health Moment

We all have our moments. If you are having a mental health moment, here are five ways to get through it. Talk to someone immediately: Survival often includes feeling like you have to do everything on your own. When you transition from surviving to recovering, you learn that you are not on your own andRead More

Why Should I Meditate?

Meditating is trendy these days. It seems as though meditation is the thing to do. With apps like Headspace gaining global notoriety for the simplistic way it makes mindful meditation accessible, it is hard to give a good reason as to why you shouldn’t meditate. Meditation is full of positive benefits for mind, body, andRead More

How To Honor Your Eating Disorder Recovery On Thanksgiving

You work with many caring and compassionate individuals who help you stay on the path of recovery from your eating disorder. Thanksgiving can bring you on journeys across town, state, or country. Make appointments as necessary before your travels and see if your team like your therapist, your nutritionist, and your dietician are able toRead More

Different Triggers During Trauma Recovery

We most often think of triggers as being external to us. Many different forms of media, in the truest definition, provide trigger warnings to let people know that something external could trigger them in some way. The experiences are specific and general at the same time. Common traumatic events being displayed in the media couldRead More

Are You Being Triggered By Someone At Work?

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, as reported by Big Think, most people deal with that person at work. Whether that person is a bully, mean-hearted, or is particularly triggering for a personal reason, most people have to interact with someone who is toxic in their life. People spend a large amount of their timeRead More

How Do You Tell Someone In Treatment Bad News?

Making the decision to seek out residential treatment is a major life decision. When someone chooses to put the rest of their life on hold, they are making a monumental choice. Entering treatment is not a vacation. Undergoing a full day’s schedule of therapy, healing, and treatment modalities is like a full time job forRead More

What You Shouldn’t Say To Someone Living With Ptsd

Having compassion and understanding is critical for being sensitive and respectful to someone living with PTSD. “Can’t you get over it?” “Getting over it” is a phrase of choice in people who don’t understand mental health disorders. When people are depressed, those who are less informed tell them to cheer up. People who are anxiousRead More