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6 Proven Ways To Treat Depression

Depression is a commonly occurring mental health condition, as a primary issue and as a secondary issue co-occurring with addiction, other mental health issues, and trauma. Therapy: Various forms of therapy are proven to help with reducing the severity of symptoms of depression. Traditional psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy,Read More

Can You Choose Gratitude?

You step into a puddle. Instantly, you are upset that your shoes and socks are wet. They aren’t wet, they’re soaked. Your entire day is ruined. You’re grumpy and cranky and full of resentment. Like a bad omen, you take this incident to predict the rest of your day. Inevitably more goes wrong, worsening yourRead More

How Can You Let Go of Reminders of The Past?

Making the decision to take time for residential treatment to heal from trauma is a tremendous experience in life. We pack our bags with what we can bring, close the door to our home, and keep our eyes forward toward recovery. What we leave behind is different for all of us. Those of us whoRead More

Do People With Depression See The World More Clearly?

“Depressive realism” is a term first coined in 1979 by researchers who discovered that people who had depression had a more realistic concept of their abilities than those who did not. Tonic, a blog of Vice, explains that “depressive realism” “seems to suggest that in our normal state we tend to operate under happy delusionsRead More

Are You Bringing The Toxic Behavior To The Holiday Table?

Toxic behavior is a choice. Sometimes, it feels like more a compulsion than a choice. We develop toxic behaviors as a defense mechanism and use it unconsciously to keep others at a distance. Imagine an animal that releases an odorous gas or a venomous spike. Most often animals aren’t doing it vindictively but defensively, asRead More

Don’t Sit Around During The Winter Months

Big meals, warm fires, favorite movies- there are plenty of reasons to snuggle down and become inactive during the winter. Wintertime is for hibernation, for being as dormant as possible to preserve energy. Thankfully as humans, we have access to everything we need all winter long and have no need to hibernate or preserve- unlessRead More

Breathing Techniques To Get You Through The Holidays

The holidays can make anyone feel the dizzying effects stress. For those who are recovering from the experience of trauma, addictions, or other mental health issues, the holidays can be particularly trying. Everyone, recovery or not, can benefit from the benefits of taking time to pause and breathe. Breathing is inarguably important. Once we stopRead More

Calm Your Nervous System With Controlled Breathing

There is deep breathing and then there is controlled deep breathing. Deep breathing and controlled deep breathing are just about the same, except controlled deep breathing puts more intention on the breath. Inhale. Expand the belly by filling it with air. Then the key- pause. Hold the breath briefly and then fully exhale until allRead More

Are You In A Relationship Based On Trauma-bonding?

Trauma-bonding is a term used to describe a toxic relationship which involves abuse. The term “abuser loyalty” is used to describe the tendency of someone who is abused to remain loyal to their abuser. Trauma-bonding refers to the attachment someone has to the relationship which includes abuse. Most often, trauma-bonding refers to psychological abuse, likeRead More