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Signs of Pornography Addiction

You feel preoccupied with thoughts of pornography: If you aren’t looking for pornography or watching pornography, you are thinking about the pornography you could be watching, have watched, or want to watch.You spend exorbitant amounts of time finding, watching, and saving pornography: You log multiple hours a day scouring the internet for various forms ofRead More

How is The Brain Affected By Ptsd?

Without giving mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder a great amount of consideration, we might not consider at all the fact that PTSD affects the brain. Clearly, PTSD has to happen somewhere. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the many mental symptoms of PTSD don’t, just happen and disappear like clouds passing in the sky. EverythingRead More

Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Janis Joplin is arguably one of the most famous female singing icons in the world. Her determined gusto was unparalleled. She was notorious for giving each and every performance all of her heart and soul. With a chronic drug and alcohol abuse problem, she was also taking a toll on her mind and body. JanisRead More

4 Sleep Habits To Kick To The Curb In 2018

New year, new sleep. Sleep is one of our most underappreciated parts of life yet it is one of our most important. During our hours of sleep- recommended to be anywhere between 6-10 hours nightly- our body takes time to rest, heal, and restore. Our minds do the same, sorting out all of the informationRead More

Can Empathy Be Harmful?

Trauma is something most people will experience in their life time either first hand, by way of another person, or third party. Experiencing trauma is common, but being affected by trauma is different for everyone. People process and cope with trauma in different ways, with a small percentage of people developing a full diagnosis ofRead More

Surprise Fireworks And Living With Ptsd

As a man or woman in recovery from a traumatic event, you’ve learned that taking a walk outside at least once a day contributes to your mental and physical health. You’re taking a stroll through your neighborhood one night and all of a sudden fireworks go off. It isn’t a holiday and there are noRead More

Can You Tell If Someone Experienced Emotional Abuse As A Child?

Emotional abuse was for a long time overlooked. Trauma was thought to be something caused only by extreme physical interactions, not verbal, emotional, or mental ones. Today, professionals and individuals alike understand that emotional abuse leaves scars, too. Growing up in an environment of emotional abuse creates lasting patterns of survival and adaptability. Learning toRead More

Are There Hidden Signs of Ptsd?

The holidays bring the family together, which puts everyone into observation. From one holiday to the next, you may notice that a certain family member is acting differently. You may not be close to your family year round which means that you don’t have a close tab on what is happening in the personal lifeRead More

Loving Nature Helps Us Love Ourselves

Walk onto the private estate of The Guest House Ocala and be treated to a splendor of Florida’s finest nature. Spanish moss trees surround our beautiful home, creating a scenic canopy of draping greenery. Bright green grass, the vast open space of our estate, wandering geese, and other wildlife greet our clients every day. NearbyRead More