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Why Does Trauma Recovery Require So Much Grieving?

Grief can be defined as a deep sorrow. Sorrow can be defined as “a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.” As well, sorrow is an “outward expression of grief.” Living with the unresolved affects of trauma is, most certainly, an experience of sorrow. Trauma takesRead More

How Does Cinema Therapy Support Trauma Recovery?

Obsessive, dedicated, committed, wildly passionate movie-goers and movie watchers are often given a similar criticism: that they don’t live in the real world. Absorbing the storyline lives of others in fictional, or even nonfictional worlds is dangerous, some object, because they aren’t the real life of the observer. It is true that people can becomeRead More

Which Kind Of Trauma Affects Us The Most?

The understanding of trauma as a universally shared experience is widely spreading. Increasingly, we are beginning to see that every human being on earth is vulnerable to trauma and that each one of those precious beings will respond to the trauma stories of their life in a distinctly unique way. As a result of theRead More

The Scandal Of Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church Of Pennsylvania

On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was tasked with leading a press conference to read parts of a report put together by the Pennsylvania grand jury. The 1400 page report was the end result of an 18 month investigation into the sexual abuse of children, teenagers, and legal adults in aRead More

Will Talking About My Trauma Help Me Recover?

To utter the words of the unspeakable is to break an unseen bond within which the agreements we’ve made throughout our lives are forged. Trauma is painful, bewildering, inexplicable, and devastating. Despite the evident difficulty of carrying trauma, many of us hold onto the comfortable weight of our life stories because it is all weRead More

Why Do We Keep Secrets?

Children rely on the adults around them to provide information, knowledge, wisdom, and set an example. Though children are learning from the outside in, they possess an incredible amount of internal wisdom already. Intuitive and keen, children are amazing observers, consuming information by the gallon and making sense of it on their own. Seeing anRead More

“This Is Me” Is The Trauma Anthem You Need

According to Genius Lyrics, “This Is Me” was not originally written as an anthem. Written by the very same talents which curated the words to the songs in the smash hit La La Land, the song was powerful as it was. Speaking with directors, the writers were instructed to put more power behind the songRead More