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Can a Person Be Sent to Rehab Against Their Will?

People who struggle with substance use often are not able to see the problem exists. They need professional help to see how hard they are struggling, even though they are unwilling to accept treatment for addiction. Once they are able to get help, they usually feel better and start to thrive. Active addiction means theRead More

How to Find the Right Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

Marijuana is popping up everywhere. It can be a hard substance to give up. The increasing social acceptance of the drug makes it seem like it is safe to use. Most people with addiction don’t think they have a problem and people who don’t have one thing they’ll never become addicted. Those who receive treatmentRead More

Denial: A Guide

Denial is perhaps one of the more quixotic phenomenons which takes place in our mind. Too often, we strictly see denial as something negative or some kind of a deficient default we resort to when we refuse to or find ourselves incapable of coping with a difficult truth. In part, this view on denial isRead More

Do You Need New Support?

In our early years of recovery trauma and various manifestations of trauma, we come to rely on a specific system of support. Along with our clinical team and our peers in treatment, we work to define who and what our support system needs to be and we build it accordingly. Through family therapy, we rebuildRead More

Learn More About Lortab and Why People Become Addicted

Lortab is a pain reliever, like Percocet, but it has mixed reviews when it comes to effectiveness. If misused, the drug can cause addiction. Only using medication as prescribed is key. Lortab has hydrocodone and acetaminophen in it, which helps ease moderate to severe pain. Find out why the drug may cause addiction and howRead More

What Does Anhedonia Have to Do with Early Recovery?

The right treatment center is hard to find. It requires people taking time to look for what will work to help them detox and rehab their lives after addiction. There are many factors to consider. One of them is the treatment diagnosis for mental health issues. They may be unaddressed, so it is best toRead More

Why is Mental Illness Among Women Seen as a Silent Issue?

More than 450 million people in the world struggle with behavioral issues, mental health problems, or neurological challenges. When these issues go untreated, women and men are affected, but women especially struggle. International efforts are looking at ways to prevent, recognize, and treat disorders in women, but right now it is largely seen as aRead More