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Why Do Nurses Struggle with Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol?

Nurses often appear like they are the measure of calm to patients and their colleagues, but underneath the veneer, they may be struggling silently. These workers face personal challenges that cause them to turn towards drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is an epidemic that has taken over the healthcare industry, impacting one in 10 nursesRead More

The Real Cost of Addiction

Drug use comes with a cost in many ways, including financially and emotionally. Physically it takes a toll, but fewer people still think about the financial obligations people end up with after spending their life savings, money, earnings, handouts from family, and even student loans on drugs. Addiction recovery takes money, too, and it isRead More

Comfortable Surroundings in Sober Living

When it comes to living in sober living, not many would call it comfortable by any standard. Living with unknown persons, having some freedom taken away, and living under the watchful eye of others who more or less tell a person what to do and when can seem like a difficult proposition. In recovery, however,Read More

What to Do When High-Functioning Addiction Hits Bottom?

Not everyone is going to hit a bottom. If they do, it might look different for different people. Addiction is insidious and harmful to everyone around that person. High-functioning addiction is also more dangerous, because a person can hide many symptoms of the issues they face, while they are paddling hard to stay afloat withRead More

Why Is Marijuana Use Becoming More Invisible?

Marijuana is becoming deregulated across the country, with more pop up shops selling CBD oil, hash, and other products. Advertisements speak to the positive benefits of using marijuana, particularly for medical ailments. This can be increasingly triggering for people in recovery, but it also belies the fact that more people are using marijuana but mayRead More

Bartenders Struggle with Alcoholism and Addiction

Working in restaurants is commonplace for many people who learn the ropes of working early in hospitality. Whether it is a coffee shop, fast food place, or full-fledged restaurant, there are some who have battled against addiction while working there and recovered. Professional bartenders are no exception in that they may reach the highest levelsRead More