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Should I Relocate?

Recovery is full of questions for us to explore and answer for ourselves as part of the healing work we’re doing. One of the questions that many of us ask ourselves at some point in our recovery is whether or not we should relocate. Should we remove ourselves from triggering environments, communities, and relationships, orRead More

Becoming Careless With Our Sobriety 

The road to recovery isn’t always a smooth and easy one. Sometimes even when we’ve already achieved sobriety, we can find ourselves slipping on our commitment to our recovery. We might become careless with our sobriety, taking chances, and using our drug of choice again, even though we know how disastrous the consequences can be.Read More

Why Do We Cling to a Sense of Normalcy? 

Our Addictions are Traumatic and Destabilizing, Not Normal When we’re struggling with addiction, most of us just want to feel normal again. We want to regain a sense of normalcy in our lives and feel reassured that everything is going to be okay. We want to be able to trust that things are going toRead More

Are You Taking Responsibility or Self-Blaming? 

In recovery, we sometimes feel as though we’re still consumed by our past mistakes and wrongdoings. We feel haunted by them. We have a hard time forgiving ourselves. We blame ourselves excessively and judge ourselves harshly.  As we’re doing the work to recover, an extremely important part of our recovery is taking responsibility for theRead More

When Not to Make Amends

The process of making amends is an important part of our recovery work. It’s hard to heal and move forward when we haven’t made amends to the people we’ve hurt. We instinctively want to right our wrongs and seek redemption when there are things we feel guilty and ashamed about. It’s second nature to wantRead More

Having Goals For Our Recovery Progress 

Sometimes as we’re working to recover, we can find ourselves so overwhelmed by all the work we’re doing that we can become paralyzed and stop working altogether. When we’re first getting sober, we can feel as though we don’t even know where to begin. Once we’ve gotten sober, we can be so afraid of failureRead More

Why Are We So Afraid to Get Help?

Resistance to getting help is one of the biggest blocks to recovering from addiction. We have a hard time expressing to others that we’re struggling. Addicted people tend to hide both their pain and their dependencies. We resist going to rehab, even when we know it will help us. Fear usually drives this kind ofRead More

When We Experience a Lack of Empathy 

As we’re struggling with addiction, that are certain factors that can contribute to the pain of our experience. One of these is a lack of empathy from the people around us. As addicts, we often feel that people can’t relate to us. They can’t feel our pain alongside us, as much as they might loveRead More

How Can We Break Our Recurring Patterns?

Patterns of Self-Harm A significant part of recovery work is addressing our harmful, self-defeating habits. From there, we can make the necessary changes in our lives to be able to break those patterns. Many of us have recurring patterns of self-sabotage and self-harm, including our struggles with addiction. Our addictive patterns are accompanied by otherRead More

Exacerbating Our Dependence On Our Drug of Choice

Our addictions are characterized by a strong dependence on an addictive substance or behavior. We become reliant on our drug of choice, and we form a strong emotional attachment to it. We feel as though we need it to function, to cope, even to survive. There are many different ways in which we actually exacerbateRead More