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How Do I Know Which Therapy Program Is Right for Me?

If you have begun to research therapy programs in your area, you may have realized that there are many different types of therapy programs. The number of different types of therapy can feel overwhelming and scary, and deciding on a specific program may feel impossible. Know you are not alone in feeling this way andRead More

Can I Include My Children in My Treatment Plan?

The role that family plays in recovery can be a significant part of the process. Surrounding yourself with loved ones as you work through treatment can be comforting and beneficial. Determining to what degree children should be involved in the recovery process is different for everyone. Your family dynamics and the age of the childrenRead More

Can I Help Develop My Treatment Plan?

A treatment plan is a plan that is created to help you and your therapist work through specific diagnoses and goals that have been set in place. Everyone is unique and on their individual journey. That is why it is important to work with a therapist who creates personalized plans for every client. Also, itRead More

How Can I Find the Confidence to Ask For Help With My Addiction?

Finding the courage to seek help for an addiction can be scary. There are many different reasons you might be nervous or hesitant to ask for help. A great first step is to simply reach out to a mental health professional to begin a conversation about what you are experiencing. As you begin that journey,Read More

Should I Attend Treatment With My Best Friend?

Attending treatment can be a scary thought. It is probably is out of your comfort zone, and you may be apprehensive about the process of recovery. Being nervous or anxious about attending treatment is completely normal, and most people feel some sort of anxiety stepping through the door of a treatment center for the veryRead More

Do I Have to Tell My Family I Am Attending Treatment?

Deciding to seek treatment is a wonderful thing. It is also a decision that tends to come with a lot of questions and uncertainty because of the unknown aspects involved with treatment. One issue that many people wonder about is the involvement of loved ones throughout treatment. Do you have to involve them? Should theyRead More

How Do I Know I Am Experiencing an Addiction?

Understanding your addiction is the first step in being able to work through it in a healthy and safe manner. Knowing when substance use becomes an addiction is the key to receiving the help that you need. Acknowledging an addiction is hard for many people. If you are in therapy, work with your therapist toRead More

How Can I Keep My New Year’s Resolution?

When you say you have made a New Year’s resolution, you are essentially saying you have made a new goal for yourself. Goals can be an amazing part of the recovery process and of maintaining your overall well-being. However, as most people know, many find it challenging to keep the New Year’s resolutions they haveRead More

Do I Have to Talk About My Mental Health in Addiction Treatment?

Having questions and uncertainty about receiving professional support for your mental health issues or addiction is completely normal. It can feel scary or overwhelming just thinking about having to open up to a complete stranger. One thing you may be wondering about is what exactly will be covered or focused on during treatment. If youRead More

What Are the Benefits of Equine Therapy?

There are many different types and styles of therapy. There are also numerous options that you can add to your treatment plan to enhance your growth and learning. If you decide to seek support from a mental health professional, you may get stuck deciding where exactly to start or what program may be right forRead More