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How Can I Recognize Suicidal Thoughts in a Loved One?

One of the scariest things a person may have to go through is navigating the situation with a loved one who is suicidal. It can be easy to forget your own well-being when faced with such a traumatic situation. This can be compounded by the uncertainties surrounding what it may look like when someone isRead More

Healthy Habits in Early Recovery

When you leave a treatment center, it’s tempting to think that the hardest part is over. However, the real work starts now. If you’ve struggled with substance abuse, your recovery journey could be long and challenging. Working on staying sober after leaving rehab is a challenge for most people because they’re dealing with old habits,Read More

How Does Cyberbullying Create Lasting Trauma?

Recent findings in the Current Opinion in Pediatrics have shown that “breakthroughs and advancements in new age technology have revolutionized the way children communicate” and how “their usage has raised concerns about their role and impact on adolescent development and behavior.” These concerns come in the form of how social media may be creating mentalRead More

Move a Muscle, Change a Thought: Exercise and Coping With Trauma

After surviving a traumatic event, you may feel as though your life will never be the same. The aftereffects of trauma disorders can be devastating for anyone. It’s common to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other negative effects due to what you’ve been through. However, with the right coping mechanisms, you canRead More

Will Starting Therapy Feel Uncomfortable?

The great comedian Jonathan Winters once said, “if your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” In other words, sometimes it is important to take the initiative no matter how uncomfortable that may seem. When a person first begins therapy, they may feel apprehensive about opening up to their therapist. This is understandable. NewRead More

How The Guest House Inspires Change During Treatment

Seeking healing and recovery in a treatment center is one of the best decisions you can make for your life. Whether you struggle with substance abuse, behavioral addiction, or an untreated mental health disorder, you should carefully weigh the options offered in each facility you consider. While there may be many places that offer treatment,Read More

Trauma Triggers: How Do I Handle Them in Recovery?

As you navigate through treatment, you may wonder about trauma you have experienced and how that will affect your recovery. You know that trauma has affected you in some shape or form. There is no right or wrong way to navigate your trauma. Each person handles events in their life differently. Trauma can take formRead More

How Can I Navigate College in Recovery?

Let’s not kid ourselves—college can be extremely stressful for any young adult. It can be even more stressful for those who have struggled with substance abuse and are now in recovery. For many, college is often the first time that young adults are exposed to drugs and alcohol. Sadly, this can lead to high ratesRead More

Explaining Bipolar Disorder to Your Loved Ones

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder defined by severe highs and lows. Individuals who struggle with this disorder experience extreme shifts in mood, energy, and behavior. This unpredictability can have a significant impact on their lives, relationships, and careers. It can be challenging to know what to say when you are first diagnosed withRead More

What Is the Relationship Between Insomnia and Generalized Anxiety?

It is quite common for those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to also suffer from sleep deprivation. This causes many to ask the question, “am I not sleeping because I am anxious, or am I anxious because I am not sleeping?” The truth lies a little bit in both. Sleep deprivation and anxiety disordersRead More