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Addiction is often associated with chemical substances like drugs and alcohol. However, someone can become addicted to people, places, processes, activities, and much more. What designates a diagnosable addiction or a “legitimate addiction” is something constantly under debate in scientific, academic, and psychological professional communities. For the millions of people who live with addictions, the experience is largely the same, and the addiction feels very legitimate. Each person experiences their addiction differently, has different causes for addiction, and recovers from addiction differently as well. What helps those with addiction find solidarity in recovery is the fact that addiction is largely a shared experience. Though the details may be different, the experience is very much the same, making some of the most common signs of an addiction the same. If you believe addiction is growing in your life, there is no time like the present to reach out and ask for help.

Your priorities aren’t what they used to be: You could be experiencing this symptom of addiction in multiple areas of your life that aren’t necessarily life threatening. For example, many people have realized that they prioritize engaging with social media over other life responsibilities. Whether conscious or unconscious, you are spending more time engaging in your addictive behaviors, at the expense of important areas in your life.Your mental health is suffering: Even when the decision to prioritize your addictive behaviors is on the unconscious side, the decision still has consequences you are aware of. Addictive behaviors come with guilt, shame, and stress. You feel the pain of guilt when you engage in addiction, when you ignore your responsibilities, and you continue to act in a way you know you shouldn’t be. As a result your mental health suffers.Your social life is suffering: Many addictions start as part of a social life or social environment, but quickly become isolating. Isolation feeds and fuels the fire of addiction and its ability to continue eating up your life. The guilt and shame you experience as a result of addiction can play a part as well. Being around other people who do or do not know about your growing addiction problem is hard and only makes the shame of your addiction feel worse.You are acting more impulsively: Addiction, chemical or not, has a way of rewiring the brain to focus purely on the benefit of engaging in an addictive behavior. As a result, you are prone to become more impulsive, especially when there is an opportunity to engage in your addictive behavior. Impulsive decisions frequently put you, your livelihood, and others at risk.

Addiction is a chronically progressive disease and can, depending on the addiction, become fatal. At the root of most addiction is unresolved trauma. The Guest House Ocala offers residential treatment programs for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Each guest’s program of treatment is customized with a concierge level of care, meeting their every unique need for healing. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800