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Improving your self-esteem is a crucial component of working on your mental health, and there are often many aspects that comprise self-esteem. Everyone is on a unique path and will face different challenges as they strive to better their mental health. Taking the time to speak positively to yourself can have significant effects. Here are four personal commitments you can make to yourself that may help you better your self-esteem


  1. Making Mistakes Is Okay


You are human — being human means that you will make mistakes. We all make mistakes and take wrong turns. Remind yourself that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes and learn as you go. 


  1. Stop Trying to Please Others


Focusing on yourself and your mental health is a brave choice. You are not selfish to make decisions that are good for you. Learning to take the time to focus on yourself and do what your mind and body need is crucial. 


  1. Take Responsibility for Your Actions


When we take responsibility for our actions, we can feel good about ourselves. Our self-esteem naturally rises when we can feel good about our behavior and our choices. If you struggle with addiction or mental health issues, learning what helps you work through your struggles and self-esteem is beneficial. 


  1. Help Others


Helping others is a beautiful way to build healthy self-esteem. When we help others, we feel like we contribute to friendships, build others up, and maintain and strengthen bonds. Whether you are helping someone through recovery or lending a listening ear, you can feel good about giving support. Having strong bonds and connections is very important as you begin your recovery. Learning to give and receive support will help you as you face your challenges.


Building up your self-esteem can be a unique process for everyone. We all need different tools because we all react differently to life experiences. Remind yourself that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes. Focus on yourself and your specific needs. Often, self-esteem can be tricky to understand and dissect. Many issues and experiences can affect our self-esteem, and it can be hard to know why we feel the way we feel. Here at The Guest House, we are a group of highly qualified mental health professionals ready to help you on your journey of discovery and healing. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.