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Learning to put your mental health first can be challenging. You may struggle to put yourself first for many reasons. Work with your therapist to find the root cause of that struggle. As you begin that journey, here are a few suggestions to help you put your mental health first.

#1. Participate in Activities You Enjoy

Often, people forget how important it is to engage in activities they genuinely enjoy. It can be challenging to find time to do recreational or fun activities if you have a busy schedule. You may begin to feel guilty as you think about all of the different tasks you could be crossing off your to-do list, but fun activities are just as important. You need time to recharge and refresh so that you can tackle the other areas of your life successfully.

#2. Take a Break From Social Media

If you notice that social media harms your mental health, then take a break. Take a break or deactivate your accounts for a few days. You can always activate them again once you are feeling refreshed.

#3. Get Outside

Spending time outside is a great self-care activity. Take time to notice your surroundings. What do you see? What do you hear? Do you smell anything? Taking time to go through your senses and staying in the moment can significantly help you reduce stress and find your inner calm. Bear in mind that being outside can look different for everyone. Some people may want to hike a challenging trail, while others want to walk along the beach. Try to figure out what helps you the most.

#4. Connect With a Professional

Learning to put your mental health first is hard. It takes effort and skill to change the way you think and react. Work with a mental health care provider to better understand your mental health issues and the skills and tools that would benefit you the most.

Learning to put your mental health first is essential as you begin learning to manage your overall well-being. Everyone is on an individual journey and will need different support to manage their mental health issues. Some will find it beneficial to do activities they enjoy or to get outside and spend time in nature, while others may benefit from working with a therapist. Here at The Guest House, we are trained to help you understand your mental health issues and reach your goals. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about treatment options.