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The possibilities for gratitude are endless. Changing up the way you start your day with gratitude will keep your gratitude practice fresh, giving you all the more reason to be grateful.

Look around your room and find 5 things you can be grateful for: Material possessions are one of the many benefits of recovery. Whatever brought us to recovery, whether it be trauma, addiction to chemical substances or processes, or other related issues, our relationship with material things was changed. We might have taken material goods for granted, lost all of our possessions, sold them, or destroyed them. If we can find just 5 things in our immediate surroundings we are grateful for, we can realize that everything in our life that is material and nonmaterial is a gift of our recovery.If you have a furry friend you wake up with, or any animal, find gratitude for them: Animals are a blessing to many people. An increasing amount of research is proving that animal therapy is beneficial to recovery. Stories circulate of therapy dogs, cats, ducks, horses, and even pigs. Interacting with another species in a loving and compassionate way is good for the soul, the mind, and the body. As soon as you see your animal friend, furry or not, express your gratitude toward them.Do some bed yoga and find gratitude there: Doing yoga first thing in the morning is an excellent exercise. Getting out of bed to do yoga is often a challenge. Thankfully, there are many ‘asanas’ or yoga poses, which do not require you to even leave your sheets. You can stretch your legs, open your hips, open your chest, and do some supine spinal twists without lifting the covers. Moving your body helps you meet yourself where you are at, and continue to show appreciation to your body.If you are in recovery from addiction and you woke up sober, that’s something to be grateful for: Our experiences with trauma can lead us to abuse drugs and alcohol. Many of us develop a chemical dependency. Our lives are overcome by addiction. Recovery for us means coping with our trauma and learning to live without drugs and alcohol. Every morning that we wake up without a hangover, wondering about the night before, or without reaching for a drink or a drug to start the day, we can be grateful. Some mornings are more challenging than others.Be grateful for the fact you’re even thinking about gratitude: Gratitude is not something that comes easily. Brain research has revealed that the brain is hardwired to notice and pay more attention to negativity than positivity. Creating a practice of gratitude is creating a practice of rewiring our brains to notice the positive instead. Be grateful for gratitude, for recovery, and for this new way of living.

You can live life with confidence. Everyone has a story before they come to treatment. When you arrive at The Guest House Ocala, you arrive to open, welcoming arms. Our treatment programs are customized concierge style to meet your every unique need in order to heal from trauma, addictions, and other related mental health issues. Call us today for information on life at the estate: 1-855-483-7800