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The need for self-care can happen in a flash. If you find yourself in a sudden need for your favorite comforts, often you can make them happen right where you are.

Keep a running album on your phone of pictures that make you happy: Everyone has that one thing that makes them happy. No matter what is going on in your day and your current mood, as soon as you set eyes on that one thing, you cannot help but smile. Whether it is puppies, dogs, animals, pictures of nature, or fashion- keep an album on your phone full of favorite images and videos you can access at any time.Watch your favorite movies: Cinematic therapy is an underrated positive experience. Your favorite movies can take you to a place you don’t feel like you can access right now in this moment. You can be inspired, you can be empowered, you can be thrilled and taken to a foreign land. Movies at once transport you to somewhere else as well as bring you into the present moment of watching the movie. With modern technology you can stream your favorite movie right from your phone.Get into physical activity: Exercise is a great way to get into the present moment and have some time to yourself. Choose a method of exercise that works best for you, makes your body feel good, and helps you get into a place of focus. Exercise should make you feel more accomplished and grounded in yourself tan any kind of negative behavior. When in doubt, walk it out. Just take a swift walk around the block or through the neighborhood to pump your heart and clear your mind.Do some sensory soothing: Getting caught up in an overwhelming emotional moment of trauma can disconnect you from your sense. Sensory soothing is a way to connect back to your body and yourself in a gentle way. Wrap up in a blanket, cook a meal with your favorite smells and tastes, snuggle up with a favorite stuffed animal, watch a video or movie that brings your eyes the most pleasure.Connect with your friends: When you are feeling down, it can feel challenging to reach out to your friends and connect. In those moments, connecting with others is most important. Isolation can be a dangerous activity when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Part of recovery is learning to reach out for support when necessary.

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