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We all have our moments. If you are having a mental health moment, here are five ways to get through it.

Talk to someone immediately: Survival often includes feeling like you have to do everything on your own. When you transition from surviving to recovering, you learn that you are not on your own and you do not have to be alone any longer. You can implicitly trust people to listen to you and support you. No longer do you have to feel shame for having struggles and you no longer have to feel guilt about asking for support. Have compassion for yourself: Moving past guilt and shame usually means moving toward more compassion Life experiences happen to everyone and everyone copes with them a little differently. Though your reaction, right now, might be different from someone else’s, at another point in time the roles will be reversed. Everyone is going through something. At the very least, everyone is going through life and doing the best that they can. Have compassion for yourself and you will find that you have greater compassion for others. Accept your mistakes: Thankfully there is no such thing as perfection and you are not expected to ever be perfect because you are in recovery. Perfection is an illusion and an impossible standard we hold ourselves to unnecessarily. Everyone makes mistakes. Making a mistake is not the real problem. Problems arise after a mistake. How you choose to cope with a mistake, make amends, and move forward is what defines your recovery. Just remember- that doesn’t have to be perfect either. Step into the sunshine: Mental health struggles can feel like darkness. Sometimes you need a relaxing jolt to bring you into the light of the present. Stepping into the sunshine wraps you in a blanket of warmth, instantly calming your muscles and your mind. The extra vitamin D doesn’t hurt. Breathe deep: The most important thing you can do through any mental health moment is keep breathing. Breath is necessary for survival and it is necessary for staying calm. When you are struggling with your  mental health, returning to a focus on the breath can help you sort through your challenging emotions.

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