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You will actually feel some instantaneous release: The moment that we reach out and ask for help isn’t always a happy one. Typically, we are at our “rock bottom” and we are exhausted with life. Distressed, in pain, and at our wit’s end, it often feels as though asking for help is the last thing we are capable of doing. With all of our strength, we reach out and ask for help. Though we may feel broken and at our most weak, we are displaying what will be one of our greatest achievements of strength. Reaching out to ask for help is difficult, in the least. Once you ask for help, however, the pressure of asking and all of the weight that has pushed you to this point is released. You are relieved knowing that you finally helped and that help is finally on the way. Now, you can get to treatment and begin to heal. You are going to get the clinical help you need: Going to a residential treatment program like the ones offered at The Guest House Ocala will help you heal, learn about living, and give you the tools you need to start to live in recovery. You are going to start healing your body: Treatment should be mind, body, and spirit. Trauma, addiction, mental health, and other related issues take a toll on the body. Holistic healing methods help release the trauma in the body and bring it to a place of healing. You will learn mindfulness and meditation: Mindfulness and meditation are two clinically, as well as scientifically, proven practices that reduce stress in the mind and the body. For recovery, mindfulness and meditation are two of the most valuable tools you can gain. In any situation, mindfulness and meditation can bring you clarity- at the least, help you return to a calm and centered state. You are going to confront and let go of the past: Safe in a comfortable residential treatment environment, you have the ability to take the therapeutic journey into your past. With skillful therapists and a trauma-informed clinical team, you are carefully guided through the healing process, bringing you to a place of freedom. You will have hope again: Before you ask for help you make a decision called hope. You hope that asking for help will help. You hope that whatever waits for you on the other wise of asking for help, on the other side of treatment, is going to better than what you are going through now. As you start the treatment process you realize that hope is real. You aren’t just gaining it. You’ve had it all along.

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