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We did the therapy. We went to treatment. We cried, we journaled, we processed, we analyzed, we healed. Why is it, then, that sometimes a new life event brings up the trauma of old life events? Loss can be found anywhere in anything. If some part of our loss has not been resolved, we might find great emotional distress in something like a feud with a friend, a lost job, or a lost pet. Old trauma can be brought up by anything that triggers the sensations, feelings, visuals, auditory cues, or anything reminiscent of the original trauma.

During such moments, it is too easy to bring more negativity by criticizing ourselves. Aren’t we over this yet? Why do we let this affect us? Why can’t we just move on? Trauma is something that lives inside of us that we are on a lifelong journey of nurturing, healing, and letting go. Recovery from trauma, addiction, and other related issues is a series of ebbs and flows- some days are easier than others. On the more difficult days, there are ways for us to cope and allow ourselves to be where we are, feel what we feel, take care of ourselves, and move on as necessary.

Ask yourself what is changing

Trauma can play tricks on time. A new event that triggers old trauma can feel like a time warp, confusing and convincing us that the past is alive, taking over the present. We feel that the future is lost because we’ll never escape. In our right mind, we know that isn’t true. Ask yourself what in your life is changing and look at the present moment details of what is going on in your world.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings

Feelings of grief, loss, pain, and struggle are not necessarily fun feelings to feel. When they come up, they might be necessary to feel, as a reminder that emotions still need to be processed. Allow yourself to spend a few minutes crying, sobbing, wailing, screaming, or doing whatever it is you need to do to feel that pain and remember that you did indeed go through it. After that, recognize the incredible journey you’ve taken through recovery, the strides you continue to make, and the good in your life today. Recount what you’ve lost, then count what you’ve gained. The contrast of gratitude will bring you back to the present.

The Guest House Ocala is a trusted residential treatment program for providing clinical care to recover from trauma. Everyone has a story that begins before treatment. Everyone has a story of change after.

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