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Affirmations to Build Better Habits

Focusing on Replacement Habits

As we’re working to recover, we discover that many of our habits are harmful to our health and detrimental to our sobriety. We want to break these habits, and we often work on doing this by focusing on them because now that we’re practicing mindfulness, we’re observing ourselves do these bad habits as we’re doing them, and we’re giving more of our attention to them. This is a great first step, but we don’t want to give our bad habits too much of our energy because in doing so, we’re reinforcing them. We’re giving them more fuel to overtake our lives. What we want to do is focus more on the replacement habits, the new habits we want to implement. When we give more of our energy to these habits, we’re strengthening and reinforcing them instead of the ones we want to shed.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

Our habits, like most of our behaviors, choices, and routines, are governed by the emotional information stored in our subconscious minds. When we’re struggling with addiction and mental illness, we tend to have habits that are self-destructive, such as feeding our depression with unhealthy habits, and compulsively, habitually turning to our drug or drink of choice to escape our pain. In order to create new habits for ourselves that support our healing, we want to reprogram our subconscious minds, and in so doing, strengthen and empower ourselves to recover. One of the best ways to reprogram the subconscious mind is through the practice of repeating positive affirmations. Since the subconscious responds so well to both repetition and the written word, we can write down and repeat out loud affirmations that reinforce our sober habits and heal our energy.

Positive Affirmations Around Habits

I make healthy choices. I have good habits. The new habits I’m practicing for myself are: (examples, journaling, exercising, seeing a therapist, going to meetings, meditating, etc.). I give my time, energy and focus on my new, healthy habits. I feel so strong. I feel so powerful and capable. I’m so proud of myself for starting these good habits. It’s easy for me to choose better habits and get into better patterns. It’s easy for me to make better choices. All it takes is practice and mindfulness. I’m really good at making better choices for myself. I’m really good at learning new habits. I am strong enough to do what’s best for myself. I choose habits that help me stay sober. I focus on sober activities. I choose to implement sober habits. I’m choosing the routines, lifestyle, environments, and relationships that support my sobriety. Sobriety is my new way of life, and I love it.

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