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The dependence phase of addiction is when we have started to abuse a substance and are beginning to become mentally, emotionally, and physically addicted to it. This phase can be extremely hard to detect both in ourselves and in others. Oftentimes we are not aware when our use of a substance has turned into an addiction. We tend to not notice until there is large turmoil or havoc surrounding our use. However, there are warning signs if you pay attention. 

Psychological Dependence 

When you start to become dependent you will notice some psychological signs. Often we tell ourselves that we need this substance to cope with other issues we have. We may tell ourselves we need it to help with our anxiety or our depression, and that we are only taking the substance to help with those problems, no other reason. However, we will start to notice that we need the substance to get through the day, and to feel any sort of happiness or peace. When there are times when the substance is not available we may find ourselves lashing out, panicked, confused, or overwhelmed. 

Physical Symptoms 

There are also physical symptoms that we will notice as we enter dependence. One symptom that will stand out clearly is strong, intense physical cravings. The temptation that is going on psychologically can turn into physical symptoms. We might feel restlessness, uneasiness, pain, discomfort, difficulty sitting still, panic attacks, or insomnia. Everyone will experience these physical symptoms differently, so listening to your body is key in understanding how you are doing. At times we may not fully understand the physical symptoms that we are feeling. It is then that a professional can help us to understand better what we are experiencing. When we understand what we are feeling, things are much less scary and overwhelming. 


Understanding and acknowledging the warning signs of dependence can be difficult. Sometimes we do not see them until our world is in chaos and we can no longer avoid them. Taking the time to acknowledge how you are feeling and what you are feeling can help illuminate these possible warning signs. Dependence can be a scary time. Seeking professional help to understand our feelings can be really important and helpful. Here at The Guest House, we have dedicated professionals ready to help you along your recovery journey. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.