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The art therapy patients in the study had a tremendous effect. Doctor Christina Blomdahl, PhD, of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden released her findings. Healio reports on a press release by Dr. Blomdahl in which she explained the beautiful results of her findings. “The focal point was that people felt like they were meeting themselves; that the picture served as a mirror where you could see and make new discoveries about yourself, a bit like coming to life.” ‘Coming to life’ is how many people living with moderate to severe depression desperately wish to feel. The varying symptoms of depression can make life feel hopeless and one feel helpless within that live. Numbness, emotional disconnect, melancholy, and pervasive sadness are all common symptoms of depression. Any form of therapy that allows someone to feel like they are coming back to life should be considered significant.

For the experiment, Dr. Blomdahl did a literature review and create a manual for art therapy. Participants in the study either received 10 hours worth of art therapy sessions or did not. All participants had a variety of medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and physical therapy, according to the article.

Participants who received the art therapy in addition to their other treatments “…exhibited significant reductions in depression and higher rates of returning to work, compared with those who received only treatment as usual.” The art therapy sessions were conducted at just one hour per session for ten sessions. Even if the sessions were once per week, the results are incredible. Not all areas of depression were improved. Suicidal ideation is common with severe depression, and Blomdahl found that the art therapy did not improve this kind of thinking. However, “Self-esteem significantly improved”, the article reports. Low self-esteem can perpetuate the cycle of depression.

Depression can be complex and the specifics of symptoms differs per person. This study shows that art therapy is even more of an effective therapy than previously realized, for a variety of people undergoing a variety of different treatments.

Creating a diversified treatment plan for depression is essential.

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