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Bartenders Struggle with Alcoholism and Addiction

Working in restaurants is commonplace for many people who learn the ropes of working early in hospitality. Whether it is a coffee shop, fast food place, or full-fledged restaurant, there are some who have battled against addiction while working there and recovered. Professional bartenders are no exception in that they may reach the highest levels of their profession, but still maintain their addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Find out why they have a high rate of addiction and how a loved one can find support.

Hospitality Industry

One of the challenges of working in hospitality is that it is known for alcohol and drug abuse. For a long time, it was an ‘open secret,’ or a byproduct of a stressful work environment. Food service workers often reported the highest rates of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. In spite of this working environment, many people in the restaurant industry find relief from addiction through a combination of addiction treatments and 12-step based programs. As with anybody else struggling with addiction, finding a solid group to support the journey is helpful.

High-End Hospitality and Addiction

Even as people move through the ranks, including bartenders, they are still susceptible to addiction. One of the biggest challenges for people in the restaurant industry is to remain sober and clean while working around an environment that serves so much alcohol. They may work with co-workers, managers, and others who are doing drugs, as well. People in recovery do not have to stay away from the industry, especially when they work hard to move up the ranks. There are ways to admit the need for help, seek recovery, and find support. Bartenders serve alcohol all the time, so it is difficult to know how to remain sober even in the midst of that challenging experience. A sober life in recovery does not mean a person has to spend it hiding from everything in plain sight. It is not possible to do that in real life, so it means building a solid recovery plan that works for that individual.

Finding Hope

Working in hospitality and restaurants as a bartender is a rewarding experience for many, even in recovery. There may be other issues to address while working in that type of job, including mental health issues, underlying stress, anxiety, or other trauma from the past that may drive a person to abuse substances. The key is to seek out help, even amidst the stigma and fear. Others may be struggling to reach out, as well, and are looking for a beacon of hope that others are going to reach out and find healing as part of their journey. It helps to locate a treatment specialist who can assist in finding the right options for a loved one struggling with addiction. They can assist families in identifying their needs and desires, along with future goals they have in mind for recovery.

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