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While we are in recovery, we are often told to be positive. We may not be sure of what this means. Sometimes, we think that being positive is not realistic. Bad things can and do happen. How can we just pretend that everything is good? For those suffering from trauma, this may be even more challenging. After being impacted by trauma, how can we see the things that have happened in our past as being “good”? 

Being positive is not an exercise in naivety. Being positive is not the act of denying that there are bad things in the world. Being positive is a choice to see the good in everything. We may be challenged by this thought. We know that bad things happen every day all over the world. How can we see the positive in everything? How is there anything good about suffering from trauma? 

Being positive is not about denying that bad things have happened to us. We are not rewriting history. We are not trying to change what happened in our past. What we are doing is choosing to see some sliver of positivity. We may need to work on this every day. One thing that we can choose to see is that we are survivors. We made it through a traumatic experience. We are strong. We got through a tough situation. We can now use this strength to propel us forward in building a future that is not determined by our past.

Having a positive mental attitude can help you in your recovery from trauma. You may be struggling with the concept of positivity. How can we be positive about bad things that happen in life? Being positive is not about being naive or in denial of bad things. Being positive is not about looking at everything through “rose-colored lenses.” Being positive is about making a choice to find the good in everything. Even bad situations can teach us one important lesson: we are resilient. We can survive. We can get through the challenges of recovery and heal from our trauma. If you are suffering from the impact of trauma in your life, being positive may not be enough. You may need some additional support and treatment to truly heal. We can help you! The Guest House is here to help those like you suffering from the effects of trauma. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to get started in treatment.