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Art therapyWith the ever-growing progress of different therapeutic modalities, art therapy can be a wonderful addition to your healing journey. Art therapy is how we incorporate creativity into our recovery to learn new things about ourselves in an emotional and psychological manner. There are many different ways we can utilize art in therapy. Some people create sculptures, music, paintings, drawings, or collages. The use of color, linework, and subject matter can be analyzed with a specialist or art therapist to help us overcome our struggles and address our past. Working through our issues with art therapy may help us find a safe space and comfortable medium to express our feelings and work through things that we have held onto for a long time. 


There are so many wonderful benefits to art therapy. First and foremost, it can be a great way to discover a healthy outlet for our emotions. Creating art can be both relaxing and rewarding. Working alongside a professional who can understand our creations and find deeper meanings gives us space to face issues we were avoiding or didn’t even know existed. Communication skills can strengthen and blossom. Art therapy is used to treat mental and physical illnesses, PTSD, self-image issues, anxiety, and depression. It can improve our self-awareness and self-esteem, and help us find a better understanding of our personalities, habits, and desires. Our subconscious can speak through our art, uncovering our true feelings, values, and thoughts. Combining the use of art therapy with other types of therapy can be a great way to get the most out of the healing process, or even recovery from addiction.


An art therapist will work with you to create a comfortable space to delve into your unconscious mind. Throughout a session, they may talk with you while you make art and ask thought-provoking questions about your creative process. Perhaps your subject matter or color choice is tied to a memory you haven’t accessed in a long time. Perhaps your style of drawing or sculpting represents your self-esteem. Art can be beneficial in many ways in therapy. Working through trauma through art can be a less aggressive way to discuss your emotions and memories, and finding your strengths can give you a new sense of confidence and freedom. Your perspective on life can improve and perhaps you will even tap into a new creative outlet that you’ve never tried before! 


The Guest House Ocala offers art therapy as a part of our program of recovery. Our trained art therapists can work with you to begin the healing process through art, offering a safe space to start your treatment and helping you to find a happier life! Call The Guest House today at 855-483-7800.