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Recovery is a very isolating experience. The feeling that a person may not be understood by their own peers, or that they are feeling guilt or shame related to their trauma, can all cause them to constantly feel like they are on the defensive. This feeling can even take a physical form as a person may begin to create walls around themselves in a physical and emotional sense. Breaking through these barriers is an important part of recovery, and can lead to a more outgoing, interpersonal lifestyle that can help each person continue to be more open and honest with themselves and others in recovery

There Are Many Different Physical Forms

These walls can take a number of forms. For some, their experiences with anxiety, depression, or guilt as a result of trauma may cause them to stay inside and physically interact with the outside world as little as possible. Others may build their walls via computer screens, using the extra degree of separation from others as a defense mechanism. These kinds of walls may help a person shut off from outside stressors, but they can also hinder the recovery process as a whole. 

Blocking Out Both Good and Bad

Isolation is a common feeling, and creating these physical barriers to compliment emotional ones can leave a person feeling that isolation has to be their “normal.” However, this approach never truly addresses one’s traumatic experience and can wall a person off from their own recovery and progress just as much as it would wall them off from stressors. 

Combating feelings of isolation is a complicated undertaking. However, breaking through these barriers doesn’t have to be done all at once. Simply realizing these physical manifestations of isolation can make a huge difference, and something as simple as getting out and taking a walk for some fresh air is sometimes all it takes to help a person begin the process of challenging their own isolation. Challenging this feeling is difficult, but being honest with oneself about their use of their computer or reasoning for staying inside can inform their decisions and desire for change, creating an approach that is more open and honest for each person themselves, as well as with their supports, in breaking through isolation. 

Breaking through physical barriers and moving to a more open emotional state is a very difficult process. However, The Guest House can help create a new atmosphere of change and acceptance to help you begin to break down your own walls. Whether you are suffering from the effects of trauma or addiction, our unique approach can help you take the first step towards a more open, transformed future. Our use of adventure therapy and air of acceptance can help you share in your strengths while supporting you through your vulnerabilities. For more information on how we can personalize a plan for you and your goals, or to talk to a caring, trained professional about your unique experiences, call us today at (855) 483-7800.