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With all the mayhem happening around the world, many of the unexpected events that are taking place may be causing you inner turmoil and irrational behavior based on fear of the unknown. Although these current circumstances may be affecting your mental well-being, knowing how to cope during these uncertain times can make it easier for you to exist.

You can make a few changes in daily life to help you stay focused on the right things instead of getting caught up in false news reports, propaganda, or pandemonium. Prioritizing your recovery can keep you calm, cool, collected, and sober.

Stay Off Social Media

Many opinions are stated on all social media platforms that could get you spun out of control if you do not agree with the same stance. Although you mainly scroll through social media to see your friend’s posts, you may not be able to ignore the ones that give you high anxiety. The best thing you can do is avoid anything, including social media, that can push you to start drinking and using drugs to alleviate your frustrations.

Create a Safe Haven

In the same sense that home is where the heart is, you should have a place where you can go to get connected spiritually. Whether in your own house, in your car, or nature, finding a place to get centered is essential. A safe haven can give you the ability to reach a meditative state, relax amidst the insanity in the world, and offer you some pause.

Instead of reaching for a drink or a drug, you can go to your special place and reflect on gratitude. The main thing that will keep you grounded is staying out of any controversy and focus on your recovery. You do not have to hide under a rock but understand your limitations before allowing the state of the nation to get you too stressed-out.

Rather than relapse to numb your feelings, find coping mechanisms that will be useful in your recovery. You will find that you are much more helpful when managing what information will affect your mental state and what information you are using to keep you sober.

Keep in mind that you can be a significant influence on others by remaining sober and being of service to others. You can make the difference for others in recovery by practicing the principles in all your affairs and being an example of what it looks like to recover.

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