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Can I Find A Job with My Checkered Past

One of the life skills you might learn in rehab is how to fill out a job application or interview for a job. While you appreciate the sentiment and the way these actions have improved your self-esteem, you cannot get rid of the fear that doing all of this may be for naught. How are you ever going to be hired at a job if they run a background check on you? What if they find out about your mental health issues? Before you get yourself worked up, here is what you need to know about finding a job in recovery.


Research which local businesses are open-minded to hiring people who have a criminal past. There are places of business that will look past your record and hire you based on the continuum of your reform. You can also go to recovery meetings and ask about who is hiring. Letting your fear hold you back will never find you a job, so get out there and network like you are worth it.

The good news is that you are working at rehabilitation, which will serve you well on the job hunt. Remember, you have just as good of a chance as anyone if you possess the qualifications they are seeking. All you can really do is put yourself out there, try your hardest, and hope for the best. Today, more employers are receptive to hiring people who have redeemed themselves for their past mistakes. Be proud of the work you are doing in your recovery and take that confidence with you when you are applying for a job. You will be surprised how interested businesses will be with your determination to be a part of their company.


Take the opportunity to discover what is out there. The more applications you fill out, the better your answers will be. The more you interview, the better you will present yourself. The more you work on your resume, the more professional it will appear. Your job search will be dependent on the amount of effort you put into it. You could get discouraged with negative feedback, but you must keep going. Perseverance goes a long way, and if you keep going, you will find reward in your intentions.

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