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There is hope for those of us struggling with trauma. Many new treatment options are now available for those dealing with past traumatic experiences. We may feel alone in our struggle. We may feel confused or fearful of the future. The past is in the past, and we deserve a future of happiness and connection! We might benefit from trying various treatment methods to find what works for us. Some treatments of trauma that you may want to consider include: 

  • Equine and animal therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Expressive therapies, like:
    • Cinematherapy
    • Art in healing
    • Music therapy
  • Group therapy and psycho-educational groups that can teach you:
    • Relationship skills
    • Coping strategies
    • Dealing with secondary issues, like:
      • Drug or alcohol addiction
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Sexual addiction
      • Eating disorders
  • Adventure therapy
  • Holistic approaches, like:
    • Yoga
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation
    • Conscious, connected breathwork
  • Individual therapy
  • Somatic therapy

There are plenty of care options that fit our needs and wants. Our traumas are unique and we can heal best when we take an individualized approach to treatment. We may need to consider some of these methods if we have never tried them before. If our current treatment plan is not working or we are falling back, we might need to change things up a bit. We might feel like nothing is going to work for us; however, there might be something new we have not tried yet. We deserve to live our best lives. You can find the treatment plan that will work best for you. 

Treating trauma can take some time and patience to find the right plan. You may need to explore different therapy options to find the right fit for you. Your trauma experience is unique and your treatment should reflect that. You may have developed some other issues due to your trauma that are now causing more issues in your life, such as addiction or depression. You might need to take some time to heal in a safe and supportive environment with like-minded individuals focused on healing. Being in the right environment can be crucial for success. When you are surrounded by others in a healing, safe, and supportive space, you might begin to change and grow in meaningful ways. The Guest House offers concierge-style treatment to help you find the right path for your recovery. Call us today at (855) 483-7800. We are here to help you. Remember that you are not alone!