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Our Resistance to Getting Help

Our first approach to getting sober is usually to do it on our own. We’re hesitant to try rehab or to get professional help. We might be afraid to put ourselves through the demanding, challenging work of recovery. The delusion that we’re not really addicts at all can lead us to avoid rehab, as well. Many of us want to believe that we’re not too far gone in our addictions. It’s easier to think that our problems aren’t out of control, and we can get back to normal on our own. We want to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives, and we don’t want to give up our independence. It’s hard to admit that we need help, and many of us are afraid of being judged for it. How do we know if we can quit on our own?

Getting Support to Break Our Dependence

Many of us have tried repeatedly to quit and felt the recurring feelings of disappointment and defeat when we weren’t able to. We may have managed to get sober, and even stayed sober for a while, before ultimately relapsing. When we have tried unsuccessfully to quit on our own, it’s an excellent idea to get help. Professional treatment can provide us with support and a safe space to focus on our healing. It can also give us a sober environment without access to our drug of choice. Many of us need this separation from our drug of choice to break our dependence on it. We need help to get through the withdrawal process without the nagging temptation of life outside of treatment. Addicted people often need a firm break from their preferred substances.

Shedding Our Fear

While people do manage to get sober on their own, many of us cannot. Each of our recovery journeys is unique, and we all have our own paths to healing. We discover that, for many of us, quitting requires a great deal of willpower and resolve. Making a choice to stop isn’t necessarily enough. There’s no shame in needing help. When we shed the stigma and fear of judgment, we realize that opening ourselves up to support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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