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Many of us just starting out in recovery, find ourselves resistant to the idea of rehab, for many different reasons. We might be afraid to identify as addicts. Going to rehab would solidify that identity for us. Recovery also includes hard work. It requires us to go inwards and explore our addictions, our histories, and our difficult emotions. We might think that rehab won’t be useful for us because we don’t see the value in it. We might be putting off the decision to check into rehab even though we need help. Checking into rehab carries a finality that seems like too big a commitment for someone like us. Can rehab help us?

Safe Space

Professional treatment is beneficial in so many different ways. Rehab provides us with the safe space we need to focus on our healing. It allows us to be removed entirely from triggering relationships, households, and communities. In a treatment center, we’re able to immerse ourselves in a sober living environment, away from our drug of choice and distractions. We can put our full energy into our recovery. When we get sober on our own, we have to divert our energy to maintaining our regular lives too. Without rehab, we continue living at home, working full time, and keeping up with the demands of our daily lives. In rehab, we get to focus exclusively on caring for ourselves. This safe space is a crucial element in a successful, lasting recovery.

Guidance and Support

As much as we already know about ourselves and our addictions, we still have a lot to learn. We also aren’t necessarily equipped to walk ourselves through the recovery process yet. Rehab offers us a community of professional staff members, recovery coaches, therapists, and doctors. Their experience, expertise, and guidance are invaluable to our healing journey. Addiction makes us feel incredibly alone and isolated. We don’t always have people who understand our challenges and who can relate to us. In rehab, we’re surrounded by professionals tasked with helping us to achieve sobriety. We’re also working alongside other people in recovery. Our peers can offer us understanding and empathy. Over time, they become a support system for us as we do this critical work. 

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