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Can Spirituality Help In My Recovery From Trauma and Addiction?


Spirituality has been intertwined with recovery since the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). A cornerstone of the recovery steps in AA involves submitting our control to a higher power. Recovery, however, has evolved from the early programs like AA and other 12-Step programs. Spirituality is more of a catch-all term for one’s beliefs about their relationship with the world at large.

For some, spirituality is based on organized religious beliefs. For others, spirituality is about getting in touch with nature. Essentially, spirituality is about being humbled by the knowledge that something greater exists beyond ourselves. Many people look to spirituality when facing hardships and troubles. Recovering from trauma and addiction is one such hardship.

Finding purpose in life can help many of us in recovery. Having a purpose gives our lives meaning and helps us focus our goals. Spirituality can help to center a person struggling with trauma and addictions. When we get in touch with our spirituality, we recognize that there is something bigger than ourselves in the world.

Since many with addictions and past trauma struggle with wanting to control and fix everything with themselves, the awareness of a presence greater than ourselves can allow us to let go of our control over everything. When we let go of our control, we can truly be present in the here and now. Once we begin to accept the world and ourselves the way things are, then we can truly begin to change and grow.

Spirituality also reminds us that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Our behavior has consequences and effects on not only us but on others and on the world at large. Spirituality reminds us of the importance of wellness and recovery–building a better world starts with building a better you!

Are you struggling with addiction to alcohol or other substances? Have you experienced traumatic events that caused you to lose faith in the world around you? Spirituality can help you in your recovery by reminding you that there is something greater than yourself. You are a part of this something greater and are not in control of everything that happens to you. The Guest House recognizes the power of spirituality for those healing from addictions and trauma. We are open-minded to teach you how to integrate your personal spiritual beliefs into your recovery. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information on how to begin your recovery!