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Too many people have been bullied. Something humiliating happened to them once, or perhaps repeatedly, that created a lifelong scar. Bullying is a trauma which can cause a variety of complex issues including a disorderly relationship to any kind of real or perceived embarrassment. For some people, the bully lives within their own mind. After an embarrassing or humiliating experience, an individual cannot let it go. Traumatized by their own mistake, however insignificant, the bullying lives on in their own mind.

Trauma is different for everyone. What one person can laugh off as a simple mistake, another person interprets as a life changing, identity altering experience, imprinting the details, feelings, and fears into their nervous systems and their minds. Phobias are manifestations of anxiety to the highest degree. When someone develops a phobia of embarrassment, they live with a potentially debilitating mental disorder which can get in the way of the ability to live a normal life. Katagelophobia is the fear of embarrassment taken to a disordered extreme. The fear of being embarrassed or feeling embarrassed in front of others is so severe that individuals cease to be able to chase a life of the quality they desire. Life can become incredibly small, centered on fear and anxiety.

According to Big Think, “…humiliation is a very complex, layered emotion. As a ‘nested’ emotion, it’s interwoven within a fear of the loss of dignity and self-esteem. Its complexity makes it difficult to deal with.” Dealing with katagelophobia, the article explains, is a matter of shifting perspectives. By shifting the way one perceives, one can shift their attachments to their perspectives.

Much of our lives are dependent on our perspective. Some philosophers would argue that our entire concept of reality is based purely on our perspective. How we think and what we think dictates how we see the world and what we allow ourselves to do in the world. Confidence and self-esteem dictate self-worth. If we don’t see ourselves as worthy of life, we will not live life in a way which chases all the things we are worthy of. A chronic fear of humiliation can greatly devastate our confidence, self-esteem, and our self-worth. Living in constant fear of ourselves, our actions, and how the world might respond limits our perspective, thereby limiting our possibilities in life.

Treatment and therapy for katagelophobia can focus on trauma as a primary cause to create a paradigm shift in the perspective of that original of humiliation. A detailed, customized treatment plan can help an individual find the lifestyle changes and activities needed to rebuild confidence in mind, body, and spirit in order to live a fearless life to the fullest potential.

Everyone has a story of trauma before they come treatment. Everyone leaves with a story of recovery when they leave treatment. The Guest House Ocala is a private treatment center specializing in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Your program of care is customized according to your specific experiences and needs. Our luxury amenities provide the highest level of quality care and comfort so you feel safe, supported, and serene. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800