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How Does a Peaceful Environment Affect Recovery as an Alumnus?

The first sound you hear is that annoying alarm going off in your ear. You feel busy and did not even wake up yet. Maybe you are the person who shuts the alarm off multiple times before waking up. Life can be chaotic, and everything around you seems to be moving faster than you are.Read More

What Strategies Help Alumni Overcome Procrastination?

It is easy to say to yourself that you will work on it tomorrow. However, tomorrow comes and it does not get finished. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Trying to overcome procrastination is a difficult challenge for most people. Almost everyone procrastinates at one time or another. For most people, it doesRead More

Overcoming Negative Thinking as an Alumnus: 4 Essential Steps

Negative thinking can have a major impact on your overall well-being. Harmful thought processes can contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety. They can also impact recovery. It is easy to get caught up in repetitive thought processes but hard to be aware of those thinking patterns. Understanding that there is help for you is keyRead More

Spring Into a New Routine

Are you feeling stagnant? You can create a new routine by changing one thing at a time. Spring is the perfect time to start something new. After all, springtime is when flowers bloom and birds loudly chirp. The world around you is beginning to come alive. Spring can be an important time to acknowledge newnessRead More

How to Change a Bad Habit Into a Healthy Habit as an Alumnus

It is easy to reflect on your new healthy habits and enjoy how they make you feel. However, what about those unhealthy habits? Unhealthy habits can prevent you from living your best life. They can interrupt your life and prevent you from meeting your goals. Additionally, they often waste precious time and energy. Have youRead More

Exploring Friendships as an Alumnus

When you completed treatment, it may have felt like you had to start over with exploring friendships. Along with learning how to live without substance use, you were encouraged to form new connections. It may seem silly to need to make new friends. However, doing so could be the difference between long-term recovery and aRead More

Facing Emotions: How Do I Navigate as an Alumni?

No one is exempt from facing emotions; they are part of the human experience. Some emotions are easier to deal with, like joy and happiness. Others, like anger and sadness, are more difficult. Perhaps you were raised in an atmosphere that viewed emotions as “bad” or “good.” Additionally, perhaps you were not taught to embraceRead More

Maintain Motivation as an Alumni

At a certain point, you begin to hear the same recovery stories and principles time and time again. Since you have been doing this for a while, it may be getting harder for you to maintain motivation. You may feel irritated thinking about all the time you spent in addiction and lack the motivation toRead More

New Year: New Boundaries as an Alumni

Many people have heard to term “boundaries” but have no idea what they are. In recovery, boundaries are essential for living a healthy and substance-free lifestyle. This is a new year and with that comes the responsibility of creating a new you. Perhaps you have been thinking about boundaries in your personal life but areRead More

Establish Trust With My Parents as an Alumni

The people who are the closest to you have suffered with you in your addiction. The emotional impact that addiction leaves behind can create estranged relationships within families. It may not only be difficult for you to learn how to establish trust but also hard for others who are involved to be trusting. You knowRead More