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How to Change a Bad Habit Into a Healthy Habit as an Alumnus

It is easy to reflect on your new healthy habits and enjoy how they make you feel. However, what about those unhealthy habits? Unhealthy habits can prevent you from living your best life. They can interrupt your life and prevent you from meeting your goals. Additionally, they often waste precious time and energy. Have youRead More

Exploring Friendships as an Alumnus

When you completed treatment, it may have felt like you had to start over with exploring friendships. Along with learning how to live without substance use, you were encouraged to form new connections. It may seem silly to need to make new friends. However, doing so could be the difference between long-term recovery and aRead More

Facing Emotions: How Do I Navigate as an Alumni?

No one is exempt from facing emotions; they are part of the human experience. Some emotions are easier to deal with, like joy and happiness. Others, like anger and sadness, are more difficult. Perhaps you were raised in an atmosphere that viewed emotions as “bad” or “good.” Additionally, perhaps you were not taught to embraceRead More

Maintain Motivation as an Alumni

At a certain point, you begin to hear the same recovery stories and principles time and time again. Since you have been doing this for a while, it may be getting harder for you to maintain motivation. You may feel irritated thinking about all the time you spent in addiction and lack the motivation toRead More

New Year: New Boundaries as an Alumni

Many people have heard to term “boundaries” but have no idea what they are. In recovery, boundaries are essential for living a healthy and substance-free lifestyle. This is a new year and with that comes the responsibility of creating a new you. Perhaps you have been thinking about boundaries in your personal life but areRead More

Establish Trust With My Parents as an Alumni

The people who are the closest to you have suffered with you in your addiction. The emotional impact that addiction leaves behind can create estranged relationships within families. It may not only be difficult for you to learn how to establish trust but also hard for others who are involved to be trusting. You knowRead More

Building a Supportive Network at The Guest House as an Alumni

If you’re in recovery, building a supportive network after treatment is crucial. Being around people who support your journey and are focused on what is best for you can be the difference between sobriety and addiction. There are many places to find a support network. However, at The Guest House, we have already completed theRead More

Giving Back to the Recovery Community as an Alumni

You have traveled a challenging road to get to this point, and now it is your turn to explore giving back to the recovery community. Giving back to the recovery community not only feels good but also gives you a sense of purpose. This blog will explain the importance of giving back to the recoveryRead More

How Alumni Programs Utilize Community Involvement for Lasting Recovery

In recovery, there is a central theme around the connection to others. Community involvement teaches you to connect with others who may share similar goals as you. An alumni program can be the tool to connect you to follow recoverees who have experienced similar situations as you and show you a different perspective. Additionally, communityRead More

How To Get Involved in an Alumni Program if You’re Introverted

There are different types of people in this world and you are no exception. The choice to engage with other people may not be your cup of tea. However, you may be concerned about what recovery will look like without engagement. If you are struggling with how to get involved because you are an introvert,Read More