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Addiction as a Science

Addiction is far more complex than using a substance once and becoming addicted. There’s a whole science behind addiction. There’s a science behind addiction treatment, too. The more we know about how our brain works in regards to substances, the more we can do to effectively treat those who have addictions. It’s important to stayRead More

Can I Really Succeed at Recovery?

  Succeeding at recovery looks different for everyone, but we all question whether or not we really can be successful in our recovery. Keeping up with your recovery is a lifelong journey. You must work at it every day to be successful. Although there will be challenges, it’s worthwhile. How you think about yourself andRead More

The Benefits of EMDR

Trauma affects our lives in so many ways. Our thoughts and emotions can feel controlled by our trauma, causing us to feel stuck in the past. As desperate as we are to move forward and live peacefully, the flashbacks and memories of painful events seep into our lives involuntarily and we find it increasingly difficultRead More

Managing Dual Diagnosis as We Recover

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a difficult journey to begin and can be even more intimidating if we also suffer from outside issues. This is referred to as dual diagnosis. Those of us who are in recovery and also struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder,Read More

Sex and Love Addiction: What’s the Truth?

When it comes to sex and love addiction, many of us have preconceived ideas surrounding the qualities and symptoms this addiction includes. We hear the term sex addiction, and sometimes we believe that it only implies the obsession and craving for sex. The aspect of love addiction isn’t something we’re familiar with or fully understand.Read More

Trauma: One Cure Doesn’t Fit All

Traumatic experiences from our life can be damaging mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Events that are considered traumatic come in many different forms. The range of trauma is wide and highly personal. This means that the healing process will be unique from person to person. Treatments and therapies for those who are suffering from PTSD,Read More

Replacing One Addiction With Another

Our behaviors in active addiction center around a mental obsession. Our bodies experience a phenomenon of craving towards alcohol and other drugs due to this obsession. It is this exact infatuation that can convince us that our repetitive drinking and using was acceptable or necessary, even when we desperately wanted to stop. Our behaviors don’tRead More

Fears Surrounding Therapy: What’s the Truth?

Even when we are feeling our worst, when life has become overwhelming and working through our trauma seems too difficult, sometimes we are still hesitant to accept help. Our friends and family suggest we may benefit from speaking with a therapist. We’ve seen therapy sessions in film and television and heard the stories from thoseRead More

The Cunning of Our Mental Obsession

When it comes to addiction, many of us believe that alcohol and other drugs are the sources of the problems in our lives. As we begin the work of our 12-Step program, we come to learn that the underlying issues we have are inside of ourselves. Alcohol and other drugs were our solutions to theRead More

Relocating in Sobriety

Moving to a new city or location can be a daunting thought when you are in recovery. If you have lived in one place for a long time and started your journey in recovery there, it can be frightening to leave. Whether you are relocating for your career or other circumstances, separating from the meetings,Read More