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6 Benefits of Gardening in Recovery

Gardening, also known as green care or therapy through exposure to plants, is beneficial for the brain. Gardening can improve cognitive function, promote relaxation, and reduce pain. Gardening is also an activity that will fill your free time and provide food, depending on what you grow. Green therapy is an excellent addition to your currentRead More

5 Healthy Ways to Fill Your Time During Recovery

During recovery, you will probably find you have free time. Previously in your life, you might have filled your free time with unhealthy behaviors. Now, in recovery, you have time to fill with healthy behaviors. Consider your interests and what you may have learned in treatment. There are multiple ways to fill your spare time.Read More

Benefits of Healthy Sleep in Recovery

Sleep is essential for everyone in order to live a well-balanced life. When you are in recovery, taking care and maintaining proper sleep hygiene is imperative to your well-being and avoiding relapse. You spend approximately one-third of your life asleep, making it crucial to get the quality sleep that matches your needs. There are multipleRead More

What to Expect the First 30 Days Out of Rehab

    Rehab is a unique experience for everyone. As you get things settled within your brain and body, you make friends and develop a new sort of family. You talk about shared experiences and can communicate the difficulties you experience with others. Rehab is a safe place, and when you leave, you are facedRead More

Maintaining Support in Recovery

In 2014, one in five Americans experienced a mental health disorder. In that same year, more than 20 million adults suffered from substance use disorder. With how many people are struggling with mental health and addiction, remember that you are not alone in your recovery journey. Remembering that you are not alone can seem difficultRead More

Knowing When to Ask For Help While in Recovery

Some situations during recovery will require you to ask for help. You are never alone in recovery unless you choose to be. Even then, you have people cheering you on. You have the right to ask for help and put your mental health first. Situations such as feeling stressed, overly tired, hopeless, and helpless areRead More

Self-Care and Recovery

The most vital part of recovery is self-care. Self-care can ensure the success of your recovery as much as can asking for help in your healing. While you need not suffer alone, you still need to know self-soothing techniques and how to care for yourself in such a way that you can manage your healthRead More

6 Tips for Supporting Your Loved One in Recovery

Supporting your loved one in recovery is not just about physical support. Support also requires gentleness and willingness to listen and provide hope in your loved one’s darkest moments. Recovery is an ongoing process, even for those who have been working on recovery for quite some time. Supporting their recovery is about more than justRead More

4 Escapes From Stress

Stress affects everyone and is all around you. It can be triggered by work, home, health issues, or financial concerns. Other contributors to stress are your environment, genetics, personality, and coping skills. Even if you try to pretend it’s not there, attempt to distract yourself or try to escape from it, stress will still beRead More

Reconnecting With Your Children After Rehab

Making the choice to go to treatment to face your addiction is a significant decision. It is a choice that affects not only you but also every single person in your family, especially your children. You were brave and strong to decide to get sober and put your health and family first. There is aRead More