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The Harm in Avoiding Our Triggers

Our triggers are actually powerful clues about where we need to heal.  As we’re working towards recovery, and even once we’ve achieved sobriety, we will go to great lengths to avoid anything we consider triggering. Triggers are the things we’re most sensitive to, bothered by, and upset by. They are the things that destabilize us.Read More

Continuing Education as Part of Our Recovery

Unpacking the connection between education, our recovery journeys, and the power of helping others through our experiences. Our recovery work is comprised of many different elements that support our sobriety and help us to maintain it. For many of us, continuing our education is a highly beneficial and therapeutic part of our recovery. When weRead More

Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics In Recovery

Healthy relationships are an important part of recovery. Here are some common unhealthy relationship patterns and how to spot them. The more we work to heal ourselves from the toxic patterns of our addictions and mental health issues, the more we realize that our recovery involves more than just us as individuals. We’re not operatingRead More

How Self-Blame Holds Us Back in Recovery

Here, we’ll look at how self-blame sabotages recovery. Through affirmations, positivity, and forgiveness, we can begin to change our belief system. As recovering addicts and people struggling with mental health issues, there are some very persistent emotions we tend to cling to that block us in our recovery. These emotions both limit us and holdRead More

Feeling Stuck in Recovery and in Life

How to navigate feeling blocked and stagnant through inspiration, self-care, and community. As we progress in our recovery, it is not uncommon for us to have feelings of confusion as we’re trying to make sense of everything we’ve gone through. We can feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the changes we’ve undergone thus far andRead More

Why We Have to Stop Waiting for Our Loved Ones to Change

As the loved ones of recovering addicts, and many of us being recovering addicts ourselves, we are all too familiar with the long, exhausting process of waiting to see if our loved ones will change, if they’ll get the help they need, if they’ll finally do what’s best for themselves and for our families. ManyRead More

Discovering The Underlying Unhealed Issues Fueling Our Addictions

As we solidify our recovery program, a great deal of the mental and emotional work we want to do revolves around exploring the underlying issues that have been fueling, perpetuating and exacerbating our addictions and mental health issues. We often focus more on the immediate symptoms we’re experiencing, the relapses in our addictive cycles andRead More

Facing Hatred for Our Addictions

Many of us recovering from addiction have faced many difficult experiences that feel like insurmountable obstacles we can’t overcome but which end up being part of what strengthens us as we work to get better. For many of us, these experiences have to do with the hatred we experience, and they can be some ofRead More

Thought Patterns of Addiction We Cling to in Recovery

A significant amount of our work in recovery is learning to shed the harmful thought patterns we’ve been practicing and perpetuating over time throughout our struggles with addiction, the ways of thinking, the fears and the limiting beliefs that have prevented us from healing and creating the lives we want for ourselves. Sometimes, though, we’reRead More

Holding Onto Secrets in Recovery

As recovering addicts, many of us have become quite familiar with harboring secrets over the years and using secrecy as one of our many coping mechanisms to deal with the difficulties in our lives. We keep our addictions a secret from the people in our lives because we’re afraid they’ll judge us and think lessRead More