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Should I “Baker Act” My Loved One?

When your loved one struggles with any severe mental health conditions, you may feel at a loss on how to help them. You may urge them to seek help to no avail. It can feel draining to watch a person deteriorate under their mental health disorder. If you’re in the state of Florida, you haveRead More

How to Set Boundaries With Loved Ones

Now that you are in recovery, you have started living an independent life again. As part of your independence, you are probably getting out there and meeting new people. However, social situations in recovery can be challenging to navigate. Now you have to think about whether social situations are acceptable in recovery and if theyRead More

How Do I Know if I Am Developing an Intimacy Disorder?

Intimacy is a simple word used to cover highly complex elements of the human condition. Physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional intimacy are just a sample of the varieties of intimacies that map our connection to other people and the world surrounding us. We all have different levels of wants and needs regarding intimacy. Regardless ofRead More

Recognizing and Managing Healthy, Functional Relationships in Recovery

During recovery, there are lots of skills you have to relearn. Knowing how to manage and maintain healthy relationships is crucial, but what exactly does it mean? Recognizing beneficial relationships is critical to success in recovery and sobriety; like all other parts of the recovery journey, these skills are learned through practice. Relationships are vitalRead More

How Can You Learn to Forgive?

Forgiveness can be complicated. Forgiving is closely tied to empathy and changes how you view the world. Anyone who has suffered a deep hurt understands how badly it turns our inner world upside down. If the pain is big enough, it is impossible to function, concentrate or think about anything other than your pain. ForgivenessRead More

Restoring Relationships Through Animal Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is an integrated method that uses the healing power and unconditional love of animals in conjunction with other evidence-based treatments. Dogs and horses are the most frequently used animals in treatment, but any properly trained animal is beneficial. AAT is useful in any medical setting, but integrating it into substance use disorderRead More

Deciding How to Get Support and Establish Quality Relationships

Understanding what makes a relationship healthy instead of unhealthy is essential during recovery. During active drug use, you likely surrounded yourself with toxic people that enabled your substance use. Therefore, you have to unlearn many ways of thinking and learn what is healthy and what will help you grow. Such efforts will require building aRead More

Will Couples Therapy Improve My Relationship?

Substance addiction and mental health treatment look at what led you to therapy. Exploring triggers and underlying issues gives people a greater understanding of why they react to their environment in specific ways. There’s no denying that individual and group therapy are vital to people’s mind-body connection. When it comes to talking with loved ones,Read More

Finding the Right Support System

If you’re looking to find the right support system, understanding the different types of therapy and support that work best can help you in your aftercare plan. It’s critical to you and the success of your recovery journey to find out what options are available that will meet your needs. Often, many individuals will tryRead More

I Have a Love Addiction: Now What?

What is love? Philosophers, poets, and most people ponder what love is. Some love the idea of being in love, and many of those people form deep, meaningful relationships. Love is felt and expressed in different ways because everyone is different. Sometimes, the time spent finding or keeping love can become disproportionate to other dailyRead More