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Finding Comfort in Solidarity

Our struggles with addiction can cause us to feel quite alone, isolated and lonely, and our tendencies to retreat inwards, distance and separate ourselves from people and also isolate ourselves even more only compound the problem. We often don’t feel as though we know where to turn for comfort and solace. We feel lost, sadRead More

Self-Hypnosis for Trauma Healing

When exploring natural alternatives for healing, hypnosis is one of the techniques that is often highly recommended but still somewhat misunderstood. We view hypnosis as a form of mind control, but the truth is we can actually hypnotize ourselves to help ourselves heal. We are essentially hypnotizing ourselves all the time, every single day. EveryRead More

Beginning a New Chapter in Our Lives

The recovery process can be a difficult one, as we’re trying to take everything we’ve learned and apply it conscientiously to our lives so that we can be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. This is a daunting process, and it can be intimidating, overwhelming and emotional for us. We’re literally beginning a new chapter inRead More

How Does Trauma Destabilize Us?

Trauma can be severe and incapacitating. We can find it painful and its effects debilitating. It can be totally destabilizing, knocking us off our center and causing us to feel disconnected from ourselves. When we feel destabilized, we can feel lost, misguided and utterly alone. We feel like we don’t know where to turn orRead More

Why Do We Feel Guilt After Trauma?

Among the common emotional responses we have to our trauma are our feelings of guilt and shame. We feel ashamed of ourselves and guilty about the trauma we’ve experienced. We blame ourselves for the bad things that have happened to us. Why do we feel guilty after we’ve been traumatized? Our post-trauma guilt is oneRead More

What Are the Symptoms of Trauma?

The many traumas we experience are as varied and unique as we are and can range along a broad spectrum, including but not limited to abuse, loss, separation, violence and abandonment. How we respond to our trauma can also vary greatly, relative to who we are as individuals and how we relate to our pain.Read More

Our Trauma Responses

As we’re healing from our traumatic experiences, one of the things we want to examine is our trauma responses – how we respond to and deal with our trauma. Our trauma responses play a large part in the development of our addictions. How we cope with our pain, whether we cope in healthy ways, hasRead More

Identifying with Our Trauma

When we are working to recover from our addictions and mental health issues, one of the things we must address is how we identify with our trauma. Many of us completely suppress our trauma. We refuse to admit that it has affected us in any way, or even that it happened at all. We haven’tRead More

Trauma History and Addiction

When we are working to heal from addiction, we want to look at our history as we are examining our current circumstances, difficulties and dependencies. Our recovery teaches us that our history is in fact a huge contributing factor to the challenges we’re experiencing now. This is especially true when we have a history ofRead More