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How to Reconnect with Your Body After Trauma

Trauma has a way of making us wish we could switch bodies with someone, since the physical and psychological effects of trauma still stay with us—even years later. If you experienced a physical assault, the body can be a constant reminder. Part of our trauma is stored in our body, so it is important toRead More

Can I Change My Impulsive Nature?

Trauma-induced substance abuse can elevate impulsivity when a person engages in risky activities, such as stealing, self-injury, unprotected sex, binge drinking, intravenous drug use, or developing an eating disorder. These dangerous activities are based on a person’s impulsive nature to cope with the pain of trauma. They often do not realize they are suffering untilRead More

Psychological Shock

Psychological shock is when you experience a physical reaction in response to a traumatic event. It can be from a number of traumatic events, like a car accident, going through a breakup, witnessing something scary, or any other kind of event that can lead to feelings of fear. By recognizing when you go into psychologicalRead More

How to Break Away From a Trauma Bond

A trauma bond is when someone uses fear, excitement, and sexual feelings as a way to trap another person to stay with them. It is the cycle of being devalued only to be rewarded again and again. Once you realize you are in a traumatic bond with someone, you need to break that bond soRead More

How to Write About Trauma

When you have survived trauma, you may find it hard to talk about. If you write about it, you can let your paper and pen do the talking. Writing about your trauma can be a therapeutic way to release the thoughts that have been troubling you, and it can let others know they are notRead More

Trauma and the Mind

We all have moments we wish we could forget. Is it possible to intentionally block out a painful memory? While bad memories are a strong symptom of trauma, the mind can also be a tool to help you cope. How Memory Works The cerebrum makes up the largest part of the brain and is coveredRead More

When Will I Move on From Trauma?

The more you suffer from trauma, the more you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed and suffocated from the symptoms. Trauma is painful and can lead you into a pit of despair, the longer you allow it to exasperate you. You may even believe that you deserve the agony you are experiencing because you see noRead More

Delayed Onset PTSD

  Delayed onset PTSD is when you do not develop a PTSD diagnosis until at least six months after a traumatic event. Sometimes, it can take years for the PTSD symptoms to appear until a recent stressor enters your life when you least expect it. Once you have developed PTSD symptoms, you need to getRead More

Will I Ever Live in the Alignment of My Soul’s Purpose?

Trauma and abuse that happens during any stage of life can change a person’s perspective. Early trauma can alter life with the onset of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, or addiction that can occur right away or develop later in life. Without proper diagnosis or treatment to manage symptoms, someone’s purpose mightRead More

Trauma-Induced Nightmares

  It is common that those who are struggling with trauma have trouble sleeping. The traumatic event you went through may be keeping you up at night or creeping into your dreams. It is important to do anything you can to ensure you get a good night’s sleep to feel better when you wake upRead More