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Take A Deep Breath For A Memory Boost

Trauma impacts the sympathetic nervous system, the nervous system we use to put our body and brain into high alert in order to survive. We don’t just experience activation of the sympathetic nervous system when we experience trauma. Trauma influences our mind and body for a lifetime. Though every person will experience the effects ofRead More

What Do I Need In My Self-Care Toolkit?

Whether you’re recovering from a mental illness, addiction, both or none at all, everyone needs to have a self-care toolkit. No, this isn’t an actual kit that you may think of to fix a car, per se, but it’s a metaphorical toolkit. In order for us to function our best as human beings, we haveRead More

What Does Being Health Literate Mean?

One of the many mental health-focused celebrations taking place in October is National Health Literacy Month. Founded by Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L, in 1999. During the month of October, organizations, employers, individuals, and families are encouraged to learn more about health information. Literacy can be defined as “competence or knowledge in a specified area”. MillionsRead More

3 Tips For Going Back To School More Mindfully

Most colleges around the country start their fall semesters or quarters in August or September. If you are attending college or graduate school this year, it is likely that you are already back in the classroom. Adjusting to a social, academic setting can be challenging if you spent the better part of the summer, theRead More

Appetite For Destruction: Trauma Starvation

In our recent blog post, we talked about the void trauma leaves behind and how we can find ourselves on an endless quest to fill that void. We can find ourselves in addictions of all kinds and other problematic behaviors. We can find ourselves with mood disorders, personality disorders, and health problems we don’t feelRead More

Self-Care During A Hurricane: Part Two

We recently discussed the importance of being prepared for a hurricane and how to make sure you can practice self-care once a storm makes landfall. Here, we discuss a few other necessities and options, including leaving if necessary. Make Hygiene Possible Ice cold showers can be either a welcome relief or a burden when theRead More

Can Depression In Later Life Be Prevented With Exercise?

Many circumstances can contribute to the development of depression later in life. Retirement is most often seen as a welcome and celebrated time in someone’s life, but can be triggering for some. Without a daily schedule, routine, and purpose, it is easy for someone to feel lost and lacking in passion for living their livesRead More