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Changing Our Recovery Mindset

Self-Limiting Mentality

As we’re doing the work to recover, one thing that can hold us back most is the mentality we’ve created for ourselves around our recovery. Many of us have a recovery mindset that is full of fear and self-doubt. When it comes to both our addictions and our recovery, we often feel stressed out, anxious and worried. We doubt ourselves and our ability to get well. We assume that because we’ve failed at getting sober in the past, it’s inevitable that we will fail again. We believe we’re not strong enough, not good enough, and not smart enough to recover. We believe we don’t deserve happiness and good health. Our mindset around recovery can affect everything in our lives, from how we feel about ourselves, to how we approach our recovery work. It can ultimately determine whether we’re working towards success or sabotaging our progress.

Assessing Our Current Mindset

Changing our mindset, whether about recovery or any other aspect of our lives, involves first becoming more conscious of our current mindset. What are you thinking and feeling about yourself and your sobriety? How do you speak about yourself to others? Are you kind or self-deprecating when speaking to and about yourself? When it comes to achieving sobriety, are you feeling confident and optimistic, or defeated and disheartened? Do you believe you’re capable of success? Do you find yourself consistently doing things that bring you down and thwart your progress? Do you believe others when they tell you you’ll never be able to get well? Our current thought patterns, belief systems, and emotions around recovery are the mindset we’re currently operating with.

Manifesting Energy

Our mindset informs the energy with which we’re manifesting everything in our lives, including our recovery. When our mentality is pessimistic and full of self-doubt, we are manifesting with an energy of fear, which brings about the outcomes we don’t want, the things we’re most afraid of. In our case, this very often means we’re manifesting more struggle in our recovery process, more experiences with relapse and disappointment, more hardship as we’re working to heal. Changing the outcomes of our recovery means changing our perspective. We want to manifest from an energy of faith rather than one of fear.

Practicing Faith

Let’s practice having faith every time we’re confronted with fear. Let’s counteract the unkind self-talk with self-loving affirmation, praise, and upliftment. Let’s practice reminding ourselves that we are strong, powerful and worthy. Let’s root for ourselves and cheer ourselves on. Let’s make choices out of self-love rather than self-sabotage. Let’s practice really believing that we are fully capable of healing ourselves.

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