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Overcoming Trauma

Self-defeating habits and behaviors can be inhibiting your ability to heal from trauma. Self-defeating behaviors include any habit or activity that does not serve your health or benefit. Many people dealing with feelings from trauma may struggle with self-defeating behaviors, as they may have a difficult time feeling good about themselves and their lives. These behaviors and habits can become detrimental, as they may get in the way of long-lasting healing and true recovery. If you are recovering from trauma, you may want to be aware of some of these behaviors. Some common examples of self-defeating habits and behaviors are:

Negative Self-Talk: 

  • Be sure to talk to yourself as if you were someone else seeking help or guidance.


  • Remember that no one is perfect and self-improvement starts in small steps.


  • Self-blame or blaming others only distracts you from dealing with your problems in a healthy way.

Inability to Accept or Seek Help

  • Self-reliance is admirable; however, you may need to seek help when things become overwhelming or difficult. Seeking support is not a sign of weakness; it takes courage to admit that you need help!

Not Looking at the “Bigger Picture”:

  • Looking at the bigger picture can help you put your problems into perspective.  
  • Think of how your future will look if you begin getting help now.


  • Putting difficult or mundane tasks off can add to your stress. Make a list of things you need to do and start working on it!

Self-defeating habits and behaviors can be getting in the way of your success in healing and recovery. You may be struggling with things that are keeping you down. You can turn these bad habits around by being proactive. Look at the bigger picture in life. What meaningful activities will serve you in the future? What things are holding you back? Let go of your bad habits and start bringing healthy behaviors into your daily life. Recovery from trauma is difficult and challenging. You may not feel ready and be avoiding treatment. Think of how much better you will feel in five or ten years if you commit to self-improvement and treatment today! Look ahead and think about what your future will look like if you continue to engage in self-defeating behaviors. The Guest House is here to help those struggling with trauma. We can help you combat your self-defeating habits! Call us today at (855) 483-7800.