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Comfortable Surroundings in Sober Living

When it comes to living in sober living, not many would call it comfortable by any standard. Living with unknown persons, having some freedom taken away, and living under the watchful eye of others who more or less tell a person what to do and when can seem like a difficult proposition. In recovery, however, it might work in a person’s favor because it is helpful to have people who look out for a person’s better interests. Sober living helps people take care of themselves and learn how to live on their own. It is not so much about comfortable surroundings so much as it is about living life for a person’s recovery and focusing intention around that.

Finding Home

Not everyone has a home they can return to after rehab. For many reasons, they may not feel safe moving back into a neighborhood, situation, or household that does not support recovery straight out of rehab. With more comfortable surroundings, a person can feel at home while they work hard on their sobriety and recovery. Many people who use drugs find their reality is not that appealing. It is not uncommon to hear a person in recovery goes through lots of emotions when dealing with recovery. 

Not a Punishment

Some people think that addiction treatment is suffering. The point of treatment is not to make people with addiction feel bad or shame them. It is to treat them with dignity and respect. This also helps people deal with symptoms of substance abuse disorder by having them work to get through the day and not just sit around without a purpose. Comfort is essential because one core challenge is helping them remain committed to sobriety. The goal of sober living is not to punish, but to protect from their outside environment a bit longer while they get ready to be outside again on their own. 

Living Not Surviving

There is a difference between living and surviving with addiction recovery. A person who is diagnosed will spend the rest of their life dealing with temptations and thoughts of using drugs. Addiction treatment programs and sober living homes are important to build up people’s sober living, there is a way to enjoy a life that means getting comfortable in sobriety. This means understanding there is a lot to do and much fulfillment can be had with the right support. 

Comfort also goes beyond the physical body. It is a sense of safety that people feel when they can rest easy knowing nothing will harm them or they will not be asked if they want to use drugs or propositioned by old friends to use again. Safely housing people so they can live into their sobriety is healing and necessary for long-term health. 

The Guest House is based on a Therapeutic Communty model. We help people learn how to live free of addiction. We encourage aftercare programs like sober living because they can help some people find their way in recovery and heal. It is not for everyone, but it does help many people feel supported. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.