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Coming to a Place of Reckoning with Addiction

When it comes to the day where a loved one is recovering from addiction, it feels like a massive, positive outcome. It can feel like someone has finally met with themselves and had a moment of clarity around where they want to go from there. Coming to a place of reckoning is not just for the person in recovery, but for family, as well, and can last for several years, even decades as the person works to live out their new life sober and clean. 

Talking About the Issues

Addiction takes over an entire person’s life from their work, social life, energy, drive to seek opportunities, and their life goals. It is difficult to watch a loved one struggle so much with addiction and recovery issues. However, from a political side, there are many people who are losing loved ones to opioids and other drugs that are seeking answers and truth. Without changes to some of the laws, there are some things which cannot change. There may be challenges in seeking treatment opportunities, getting help for a loved one, or seeking mental health support while fighting addiction. Fighting against this while trying to get a loved one help can make families wary of the possibilities open to them in seeking treatment.

Getting Past the System

In the midst of addiction, it can feel like an uphill battle. There are support services available, but it depends on many factors where and how a family gets support. A person in recovery is going to have lots of challenges they face to move past their addiction to recovery. The first step is detox to get drugs out of the system. They need at least 30 days for this, ideally. Beyond this, they need another few months to straighten out and get their affairs in order so they can begin the healing journey. From there, they may decide to go to sober living where they can live with others who support their journey of recovery for a period of time in transition from rehab. There is no one set way to get past the system and find hope again. 

Healing Journey

Coming to a place of reckoning is being able to look back at the journey of recovery with gratitude and hope. There are always going to be tough days for everyone involved, but the person with addiction needs support and faith to know they will come out of their situation anchored in the love of family and friends. Even when looking back to reckon with all that was lost, there can be gratitude for the journey and where it brought them at that moment in time. Everyone goes through reckoning, whether it is with someone else’s addiction or their own. The day(s) of reckoning come when everyone realizes they have lost things to addiction, but gained others, and come to a place of peace and acceptance with where they are today, and continue to strive forward as a family.

The Guest House looks at the whole person to help develop a plan for their rehab journey. We especially work with people to develop skills they need in recovery so they can thrive and come alive in recovery. Our program provides special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 855-483-7800.