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Connection and Support Through Online Meetings: Is This Right for Me?

People are connected to humans everywhere we go through social media, texting, and talking on the phone. If we are connected to humans through technology, why not consider the connection to a positive support system through online meetings?

Exploring if online meetings are the right option can open up many doors for us to connect with humans. When utilizing support from all angles, you might find the healthy support you have been looking for.

In recovery, it can be challenging to connect with people outside of your comfort zone, let alone maintain open and honest connections in a room full of strangers. Positive connections provide stability and growth within ourselves and build confidence to share our stories of hope and recovery.

What Is an Online Meeting?

An online meeting is a gathering of people through software that provides a connection when you are not able to be in person. Anyone can obtain access to online meetings with a phone, computer, iPad, or any piece of technology that provides an internet connection.

6 Benefits of Online Meetings

You may find yourself at a point within your recovery where you need a support system that can relate to what you are going through. You may be the kind of person who is reluctant to attend your hometown meetings due to knowing familiar faces, which can be triggering.

If you are reluctant to attend in-person meetings for any reason, you may benefit from online meetings. The following six benefits of online meetings can guide you to decide if online meetings are a good fit for your lifestyle in recovery.

#1. Support From Home

Within these past several years, we learned the impact of social isolation. We also learned how to be brave and vulnerable through an internet connection. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that even the busiest of people get bored and lonely. As a result, we had to get creative with connecting to others.

With online interaction came online meetings. Various support groups moved their platforms online to continue to help people in recovery, even from home. Today, online meetings still provide remote support. With online meetings, you will benefit from like-minded peers who will always support you, remind you that you are worth it, and continue to remind you of your successes.

#2. A Safe Space

The primary purpose of online meetings is to provide a safe place for continued discussion of recovery that can help enhance sobriety. When engaging remotely, you have a safe space to relate to others who may be experiencing situations that you are or have endured.

With online meetings, you can set boundaries to whom you will connect and when you want to connect. For example, if you choose not to share, you have the choice to say “pass” at any time. You can decide when to leave without an awkward moment of second-guessing yourself. When engaging in an online space, you give yourself a space to grow within recovery on your terms.

#3. Take a Break

We live in a world full of endless possibilities, and with that, there seems to be an infinite amount of work to be done. It can appear that we are all in a hurry for nowhere.

Perhaps you find yourself in the whirlwind of trying to accomplish many things and lack time to prioritize the importance of recovery meetings. However, it is vital to your recovery to connect with a positive support system.

Online meetings can allow you to take a break within your day to connect with like-minded humans who can provide the encouragement and support you have been seeking. You can even add a reminder to your calendar when to take a break. Recovery can be as simple as two clicks away.

#4. Maintaining Motivation

Most of us find that maintaining motivation can be tricky when attempting to keep ideas and thoughts fresh. We can be stagnant with our growth due to a lack of meaningful connections.

Our friends, family, and social supports may try to maintain stability within our recovery and love us through hardships that may come our way. However, at times, you may just need more.

We need people that truly understand the ins and outs of recovery. You can hear stories that inspire, uplift, and motivate you to be a better version of yourself when attending online meetings.

#5. Acceptance

We want to feel accepted for who we are and who we are becoming. All too often, you can feel intimidated when discussing your past with others. Online meetings can provide the acceptance you have been looking for through an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Acceptance and communication are essential in recovery. We need to find people who will spread unconditional positive regard our way and love us throughout life’s difficulties.

#6. Convenience

Online meetings provide an interactive means of communication to people anywhere with minimal effort. Those who are unable to travel to meetings due to various circumstances still have the ability to access recovery.

With online meetings, you can also pick the time that works best for you and your day. You can connect whenever your heart desires, on your terms. You can share the screen with whomever you deem fit, or you can opt not to share your screen at all. The choice is solely based on what motivates you at that moment.

Connection is essential within recovery; you need people to learn and grow with. Throughout these past several years, we have learned how important social connection is and the ways online meetings can be a positive tool in the recovery community. The power of the internet can bridge the gap of social isolation and provide online meetings for remote support. When you choose remote support within recovery, you choose accountability, no matter the location. You can maintain motivation within recovery by allowing yourself a healthy space to connect to others through online meetings. Often, we lose motivation within our daily lives due to a lack of positive support and living life on life’s terms. By joining an online meeting, you will have the opportunity to give yourself a break to connect to others and space to grow within recovery. Call The Guest House at (855) 483-7800 to learn more.