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Controlling Your Freedom With Substance Use Treatment

When you are under the weight of addiction, you likely feel helpless to the substances. This is because who you are sober versus who you are in the throes of addiction are two very different people. Additionally, when you are actively using substances, you might feel like you have no say in how you live your life, which can be very distressing to yourself, your loved ones, and your overall wellbeing.

Even if you seek treatment and attain sobriety, you may have reservations that you can never truly get back to your freedom before substances took over. The better you understand your addiction, the better actions you can take to get back your freedom.

How Does Substance Use Control You?

Addiction is a serious disease within the brain. When a substance use disorder takes over, it is hard to overcome the impulse to serve the addiction. This is because substances re-wire the brain, thus causing an individual to behave differently when addiction is in the driver’s seat. Additional ways substances take control include:

  • Substance use creates a world where everything revolves around the substance of choice
  • Substance use can determine the kinds of people and places you hang around
  • The substance takes the place of everyone and everything that matters
  • Freedom becomes the next drink or drug

How Can You Control Your Freedom?

Choosing to become sober is the first step to taking back your freedom and living life on your terms. Treatment will help you develop the skills necessary to get on the path to recovery, and self-control and support will help you maintain it. With patience and persistence, you gradually begin to control your narrative and continue to develop self-control. Ways to cultivate self-control and a strong support system include:

  • Setting goals that support treatment and inspire growth
  • Learning from any mistakes or setbacks that arise
  • Understand your triggers and limit beliefs that can undermine treatment

Substance use disorder can fool us into believing that we lack self-control which implies we are weak and powerless. The truth is that our addictive patterns are largely based on trauma and have little to do with us being strong or weak. Here at The Guest House, we understand the fear that comes along with taking the big step of admitting you need help. We are here to help you through every step of your recovery journey. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more. We are ready to support you.