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Trauma lives in more places than the mind. Coping with trauma has to take place spiritually as well as physically.

Coping With Trauma Spiritually

Trauma is a sudden event which shocks us to our core. We consider traumatic events to be horrifying which is an accurate description because “horror” means “an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust”. Our idea of who we are, what our life means, and what it means to be alive in the world is shaken by a traumatic event. Research shows that we don’t even have to experience trauma first-hand to have our faith tested, our hope questioned, and our spiritual beliefs pushed to the limit.

To cope with trauma spiritually it is important for us to evaluate the way that a traumatic event in our lives has caused spiritual disruption. Do we feel we can’t have faith? Are we experiencing feelings of hopelessness? Has our outlook on life become dismal and pessimistic? Has our concept of a higher power been changed or are we questioning it? By evaluating how we have been spiritually affected we can remove the shame and fear which comes from our temporary spiritual loss. We can remind ourselves of our spiritual beliefs and stay connected to our spiritual practices. Accepting the traumatic blow to our spiritual selves is part of the healing. With patience and nurturing, we wait to return to a solid relationship with our beliefs and our deeper sense of the world.

Coping With Trauma Physically

Trauma lives in the body, stored as stagnant energy until it can be fully processed. Bodily therapeutic work can be particularly helpful in coping with trauma. Turning to healing practices of touch like massage and acupuncture can bring relief for mind and body. If touch is overwhelming, healing practices like reiki can provide relief without physical contact.

Coping with trauma physically also includes self-care of the physical form. A regular exercise routine to take care of the body is proven to reduce mental health symptoms common to trauma. Yoga is proven to reduce inflammation, increase a sense of calm, and reduce symptoms of stress. Movement, action, and relaxation are key.

There is life after trauma. It’s called recovery. The Guest House Ocala offers private residential treatment for trauma and related issues, providing excellent care for healing mind, body, and spirit. Remotely located and catered to with luxury amenities, Guest House is the ideal program for recovery from trauma. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800