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Could PTSD Put You At A Higher Risk For Cancer?

The scientific and medical repercussions of surviving trauma are complex and innumerable. Constantly, we are making new advancements in research and understanding of both the short term and long term effects of trauma, both in the mind, as well as the body. Today, we have a growingly comprehensive understanding that trauma affects both the body and the mind on a cellular, structural level. We see the incredible healing which can take place when trauma is liberated from both the body and the mind, and how when one is stuck, working through trauma in the other can produce nothing short of miracles.

However, the cellular toll which trauma takes does have long-term effects on the medical health of the body, as well as the brain. Some traumatic events which are more severe in nature than others may take a greater physical health toll, and result in significantly more complex issues. A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience Research found that out of their study sample, individuals who were diagnosed with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, those who specifically were victims of terrorist attacks “have a higher risk for neoplasms than those who experience other traumatic events…” reports Psychiatry Advisor.

The sample size for the study was small at just 84 patients who had been diagnosed with PTSD, however, the nature of the inquiry was fascinating and profound. Researchers compared the type of traumatic event with comorbidities seeking to determine an association between trauma type and trauma response. Interestingly, the researchers found certain associations according to gender, as well as according to trauma type. For example, female patients were more likely to have a greater number of neoplasms.

Neoplasms are abnormal tissue growth which can occur in varying parts of the body, which typically are an indicator of cancer. Trauma lives in the body long term until it is resolved or healed and released thoroughly. Though trauma itself is not toxic, our attachment to trauma can be toxic and become stagnant stress in our body which can take a toll as time goes on.

Thankfully, trauma can be healed with time, dedication, and commitment to doing the work.

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