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emotional space in cinema

Cinema is a powerful ally for people to find expression or to experience any number of emotions. Movies and television shows are curated to create a particular feeling or set of feelings. They elicit a desired emotion in a person as the story unfolds, through the use of different camera angles, color, music, and timing. It is all a careful process designed to tug at the very essence of our emotions. When successful, a single scene can create a memory that impacts a person for years to come, all while providing an emotional lesson. However, the most important thing to remember with all of this is that it is all intentional in design. Thus, it can be used to explore one’s own emotional well-being by seeking out and then gaining a sense of agency over these emotions in turn.

Identifying Our Own States

One of the first parts of this can seem counterintuitive. However, seeking out a sad movie when feeling depressed or a horror movie when already feeling anxious can be helpful. The key is to understand the role that the viewer plays in the experience. For example, using horror when suffering from anxiety externalizes your fears. Thus, the viewer can begin to safely and intentionally explore their anxiety. It also provides a designed space and direction towards which the concern is directed. The experience of anxiety can have an intentional, physical outlet, with clear sources rather than the feeling of an all-encompassing cloud.

Taking Control

The second role that the viewer can play is done by merely aiming the controller at the television. Someone suffering from depression and watching a sad movie does have a chance of becoming overwhelmed. However, the viewer is still in complete control of how they proceed through the story. They can decide that it is time to turn it off. Being able to give a reason for your emotions, and then having the agency to turn it off and walk away is a source of empowerment. This entire process can be complete in a safe space where the emotion was invited, safely experienced, and has a clear endpoint. When it’s over, you can carry on with your day.

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