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Does My Body Store Trauma?

Many people have experienced or witnessed some trauma. Those traumatic experiences settle into the mind and body, manifesting psychological and physical symptoms. The idea that past traumatic experiences will disappear diminishes the impact the incident has on your life. Your mind can store memories tucked away until something triggers those memories. That’s why learning to cope with the effects of trauma is vital.

What Happens to My Body When Traumatized?

When your mind or body is exposed to a stressful or traumatic situation, your mind may not know how to cope with the situation. As a result, your mind can create memories different from the traumatic experience to protect you. The “fight or flight” response activates the sympathetic nervous system.

The somatosensory paradox describes the mind-body connection. As a result, your mind and body tend to experience and express psychological disturbances into physical illnesses. This process is called somatization.

Where Is Trauma Stored?

Your mind and body communicate with each other. Every system in your body has a role in reacting or acting when recalling a traumatic experience. For example, if a parent was abusive when you were a child, you may have tried to make yourself invisible when they entered a room. As an adult, when you are in similar situations, you may recreate the physical aspect of trying to be hidden. Your body remembers how to protect itself and reverts to past behaviors.

The mind and body remember even if you don’t. Trauma and stress can build up in your mind and body. If you don’t find healthy ways to release that stress and trauma, you will find it challenging to live a full life. Activities like yoga are healthy ways to release your pain, anxiety, and trauma. Why? Because yoga teaches you that the hips, pelvis, jaw, hamstrings, and diaphragm store stress and trauma. Yoga poses create space, freeing your emotions.

Does Trauma Affect My Relationships?

Past trauma affects how you respond to people, events, or stuff. Whether it’s days, months, or years after the trauma, your body still feels how it did during the event. Feelings of distrust, anger or depression are a few emotions that can carry over into a relationship.

How Can I Cope With Trauma?

Untreated trauma can pose serious health risks. However, there are several effective ways to help you learn healthy coping skills. Holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, or conscious breathwork are intentional ways to calm your mind and body. Beginning therapy is another. While you’re in therapy, discuss including somatic therapy as a treatment modality.

The body-mind connection affects every aspect of your life. Because your mind and body are constantly communicating, you’re learning how to act or react. These learned behaviors can affect your well-being. Therapies like somatic therapy are proven ways to decrease past trauma. When you enter a comprehensive treatment center like The Guest House, you will receive the individualized care you need to heal. You will find inner peace in our many treatment modalities, from equine therapy to somatic therapy. Call The Guest House today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.