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Does Recovery Have A Ripple Effect?

You can think of all of our thoughts, actions, and feelings as small pebbles being tossed into the flowing waters of the way of the universe. Everything we do, think, and feel, is energy. Our entire world runs on energy, responds to energy, reacts to energy, and is energy. More spiritually put, what we give to the universe, the universe sends out. That is why we hear sayings like “don’t put that into the universe!” or “tell the universe what you want.” Our every breath, our every prayer, our every motive, is energy. All of that energy has a profound ripple effect. When we make the decision to shift the energy of our trauma from controlling our present to being a part of our past, we set forth a tremendous energetic shift in ourselves, those around us, and the universe at large. Trauma recovery not only changes our lives, but changes the way we relate to multiple timelines of our lives, the way we relate to others, and sets forth a change for future generations. Though trauma can be intergenerational, trauma recovery is also intergenerational. Since trauma lives in our cellular being, trauma recovery actively changes our cellular structure. Meaning, future generations are changed in their genetic disposition. The effects of trauma recovery, as well as recovery from addictions and/or related mental health issues, is indeed a ripple effect and it is incredibly real.

You start by making an example to others. You are living by the laws of authenticity when you decide to make a significant change in your life. Making a big decision like going to treatment fo your trauma, addictions, or other manifestations of your trauma, is a huge deal of monumental measure. You are choosing to stop a destructive, harmful pattern in your life. Not only are you choosing to stop it, you are choosing to change it by working through it. The implications are endless. People take notice when you step out of your autopilot lifestyle and into a more authentic place in taking control of your life.

Trauma does not have to have control over your life, or the lives of your loved ones, forever.

You can walk through your trauma. The Guest House Ocala offers residential treatment programming for trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Call us today for information on our customized programs and availability: 1-855-483-7800