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We are blessed by our surroundings at The Guest House Ocala. You need not look further than a window to have your eyes saturated with the dense greenery of Florida’s nature. Spanish moss trees line our property offering lush coverage and iconically southern dripping moss. Our green grass, plant life, and estate surroundings plunge our guests into the thick of nature, removed from the complexities of modern urban life.

Aside from the obvious aesthetics, our location is clinically considered as well. Research has found multiple times over that being exposed to green areas improves mental and physical wellbeing by reducing stress. Simply seeing greenery or green space from a window can be helpful, being surrounded by greenery and spending time outdoors in the green nature helps even more. Our beautiful estate is located near one of Florida’s many springs, Silver Springs. Crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and the occasional spring guide in the form of a manatee make springs an unbeatable nature adventure while staying in Florida.

Through the program at The Guest House, our guests have many opportunities to spend time connecting with the nature that surrounds them, in many forms. From walking our estate to visiting the Springs, working with horses to taking nearby trips, the chances to be immersed in the natural world are never short-handed.

According to researchers at University of California at Berkley, the power of nature is transformative and healing for individuals seeking recovery from trauma. “The awe we feel in nature can dramatically reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder,” writes a UC Berkely student on the University of California website, discussing the research. Over seventy military veterans were involved in one study, examining their symptoms of PTSD after participating in various rafting excursions. Published in Emotions, the studies “…suggest that awe- as opposed to joy, pride, amusement, contentment and other positive emotions- is the singular sensation that goes the furthest in boosting one’s overall sense of well-being.”

The findings were not only anecdotal. Researchers saw a 29 percent decrease in symptoms of PTSD and a 21 percent decreased in overall stress. Additionally, participants saw an improvement in their social relationships, their satisfaction with their life, and their feelings of happiness.

In our next QA we’ll discuss what awe is and how you can create more awe in your daily life.

Everyone has a story of trauma before they come treatment. Everyone leaves with a story of recovery when they leave treatment. The Guest House Ocala is a private treatment center specializing in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues. Your program of care is customized according to your specific experiences and needs. Our luxury amenities provide the highest level of quality care and comfort so you feel safe, supported, and serene. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800