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Embracing Recovery

Embracing your recovery can be difficult if you are just starting out. It can be even harder to accept a new normal life without substances. It isn’t impossible, though.

The Guest House can give you the tools to embrace your recovery and keep moving forward. Check out how you can embrace your recovery below.

Everyone’s Story Starts Before Treatment

The Guest House knows that everyone’s story starts before treatment. We know that everyone has their own unique experiences and that they react differently to different treatment methods. This is why we offer a personalized approach to the treatment of self-defeating issues and traumatic experiences.

Everyone has a complex journey. We want to help you become a part of your journey and a reason for your success. When you come to us, you may not be embracing your recovery yet. That’s okay. Once you begin to see progress, you will look forward to waking up each morning to embrace your recovery.

Loving the New You

Your new you, the you without self-defeating coping mechanisms, will be a hard one to navigate at first. We believe that self-destructive behaviors and mental health disorders are often formed as coping mechanisms in reaction to trauma or other life events.

Substance use and mental illnesses can be a result of deep pain that you have lived through. Once we help you unravel the root of your unhealthy coping mechanisms, we will give you healthy coping mechanisms to put in their place. Your life without your usual coping mechanisms may feel weird at first, but soon you will learn to love the new you.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness in your recovery is key. Mindfulness can help teach you how to quiet the negative self-talk you may be dealing with, and how you can replace those negative thoughts with more positive ones. In doing this, you can stop the negative thoughts and feelings in their tracks so that you do not end up acting on them and sabotaging your recovery.

Mindfulness, when done in a group setting, is also helpful because you learn that other people are going through the same types of things you are going through. You aren’t alone, and sometimes that sentiment can get lost if you’re struggling to find your way. Once you get used to practicing mindfulness, you can implement it in your daily life. Mindfulness isn’t only helpful when you are feeling poorly.

You can use mindfulness all of the time to help you be more present in your daily activities. You can also use mindfulness to help you be appreciative of what is going right in your life because it’s good to focus on the positives when you can. Although mindfulness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a great tool to have in your back pocket when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, but it’s even better when you use it daily.

How We Help You

The Guest House has a plethora of programs that can benefit you in your recovery. We offer regular counseling options with new programs to form a well-rounded therapy plan. Check out some of our therapy methods below:

  • Traditional talk therapy
    Group therapy can be beneficial for clients to help them feel less alone.
    Individual therapy can help clients work through their traumas in a safe setting.
    Family therapy helps our client and their family understand how they can help their family member who has      dealt with trauma and is in recovery.
  • Holistic approaches to treatment
    Transformational breathwork helps you to control your breath which can help your energy, movement, and   mental clarity.
    Meditation and yoga help our clients to calm their bodies and minds and work through the trauma they have   experienced.
  • Creative therapies
    Art in healing helps to convey your feelings about your experiences in your own way.
    Music in healing helps to lift our clients’ spirits and bring a sense of peace.
    Cinema therapy encourages our clients to view and connect with films, analyzing them to help them relate to      their own experiences.
    Psychodrama helps unpack difficult subjects without being forceful or causing unnecessary emotional pain to    our clients.
  • Active therapies
    Equine therapy helps to rebuild healthy and caring bonds by using horses.
    Adventure therapy helps our clients work on teamwork while doing physical challenges.
  • Clinical therapies
    Somatic therapy relies on the belief that your energy can be impacted by events in your life which can impact   your day-to-day life. This therapy helps to release that tension.
    Neurofeedback helps provide immediate feedback to our clients based on brainwave activity.
    Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing help to alleviate distress from trauma.
    Brain-mapping and brain-spotting help us understand our clients better.

The Guest House offers extensive treatment options for you. We offer an individualized approach so that you can benefit from our programs in the best way for you. Call us today at (855) 372-1079. We can’t wait to help you with your recovery. Call our trained and experienced staff today for more information about the programs we offer. We can’t wait to hear from you. Call now, you won’t be disappointed!