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“There is no gain without struggle.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

You may be struggling with the idea of treatment due to how challenging it seems. You may have dealt with some pain in your past and are hesitant to get started in treating your symptoms. This is understandable! You have dealt with difficult things in your life that are not your fault. You may not want to revisit past experiences or painful emotions. You may feel like you are protecting yourself from these feelings by avoiding them. Unfortunately, you might be depriving yourself of the healing that you deserve. You may need to embrace the challenge of recovery and trauma work to truly heal from it.

There is no gain from things that do not challenge us. When we continue with what is comfortable, we do not grow. We may be “getting by” or surviving, but we are not truly living. You may need to keep in mind that trauma work is tough. You will need to work your way through the painful memories that you may have been avoiding. You may feel uncomfortable forming newer and healthier habits. However, your well-being is worth the struggle. You deserve to get your life back from trauma. You can get through to the other side and heal. Focus on what your life will be like if you work toward healing. If you could recover from your trauma and your pain, what will you look like? Remember to focus on the outcome; you will be better for embracing the challenge of recovery.

Remember that recovery and trauma work will be a challenge. You may struggle during your treatment as you learn new things about yourself and reveal hidden emotions. You may experience painful memories and emotions. You may have been hiding these things from others and even from yourself. By embracing the challenge of recovery, you can prepare yourself to get through the process to be better in the long run. You may be avoiding the challenge due to the awareness of the struggle. Focus on the big picture: will your life be better for experiencing the struggle of treatment or will you better off on your current course? Most people would agree that they have suffered long enough and will try anything to help. When you are ready to recover from trauma, help is available to you. The Guest House specializes in treating trauma. We have a safe and supportive environment for you to focus on your recovery. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.