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turning emotions into strengthWe have all heard someone say, “why are you so sensitive?” or even “stop getting angry so easily!” Many times we are chastised for being emotional. When we cry over a fight with a significant other, we may be labeled as “over-emotional” or “sensitive.” If we do not react, we are cold or distant. If we raise our voice, we are aggressive, but if we stay silent, we aren’t trying.

A great life skill is understanding and accepting that you simply cannot please everyone. Learning to make yourself happy and to grow as a person is all you can control. Turning emotions into strengths can be empowering. Whether others label you as “emotional,” or you find yourself judging others based on their feelings, it can be worked on.

Change Your Wording

Make it cool to care. Often by changing the way we word things, we can change the entire context. Phrases such as “why are you so sensitive?” feel harmful in context. Being sensitive is not a bad thing. It means you are in touch with emotions. We cannot work through our challenges if we are not in touch with our feelings. The fact that you can feel and acknowledge your feelings is empowering. Remind those around you that it is great that they experience emotions.

Be More Sensitive

Sometimes some mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety, can be triggered by the fear of caring too much. If we care about others too much, we can get hurt. If we get too excited over something, we can get let down. Our mind is a powerful thing. It can try to protect us from things but can also trigger other challenges in return. Face your fears straight on and be emotional. Get excited about that event. Go headfirst into that relationship. Be angry when something falls apart. Make it normal to be sensitive, and in turn, others around you may learn that it is okay as well.

Often, we get chastised or feel silly for being emotional. We think it is a flaw, something that we should hide away not only from others but from ourselves as well. Fight that urge to repel your emotions and turn them into your strengths. Make it cool to care. Make it brave to jump into a relationship, cry when something goes wrong, or feel excited about something in the future. You can, and should, turn your emotions into your strengths. Here at The Guest House, we know that a lot of things go into our emotions. A lot is going on under the surface. Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge those things or even to understand them. We are here to help with that. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.